BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez - Ice Cream

℗ 2020 YG Entertainment, distributed through Interscope Records

Ice Cream - Single Tracklist:


the song was very boring and bland. i thought oh, a pop star and a kpop band together would be different and cool. but the song is like any other pop song, there’s not anything special about it besides the people performing the song. selena gomez usually has good music, but i was disappointed in both her and blackpink. i don’t think this was good.




i’m a blink but i just really dislike this song.. the blur is do not fot the best doesn’t even sound right 😔 i’m disappointed

👑 Queen B 👑

This song is great 💙 the music video was amazing and the colors are just so pretty. I’m so happy that black pink decided to do a collaboration with Selena Gomez. It’s awful how people dislikes this song. If you don’t like this song why you’ll decided to purchase it ? Some People are so stupid sometimes smh!!


I like it, I don’t really know why people would put reviews bout it being repetitive like if you don’t like blackpink then leave it’s that simple


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I like BLACKPINK, but this was kind of a flop, A MAJOR FLOP. I excepted much more out of these girls. The first time I listened to it, I liked it but then after a few more listens I didn’t like it. I was honestly shocked how Jisoo and Rosé got the least amount of lines and they are vocalists and how Rosé got the least amount of lines and she is main vocal?!?! That is so pathetic! I really excepted more out of these girls! Let’s just hope that they will have a better collab with Ariana Grande. Stream Dynamite!!!


This sounds too cute and childish with horrible lyrics. Perfect for a Barbie show/movie or whatever. This has to be one of the worst songs from Blackpink and Selena Gomez.


Sadly people who know nothing about kpop will think that this is what it mostly sounds like. I like most of Blackpinks discography, but HYLT was just ok and this song is just terrible. BP has gotten too westernized and collabing with lame western artists. YG is just after clout and $$$$. Poor girls can do better than this. Shame.


Song got me into BLACKPINK Not their best but the hate is surprising but I mean with a feat like Selena Gomez on it, this isn’t surprising


I was so excited for this song to be released and I ❤️ it!!! Honestly I don’t mind these food songs first yummy then water melon sugar and now ice cream!! Keep it up!


Why did they even bother even having Selena and that other girl in this song if half of it is in Japanese. I don’t plan to buy this song cause it’s annoying and don’t know why Selena Gomez would ever do this song.


This song is amazing!!This is the best collaboration song ever.


The beat was very annoying Very generic just bad


I love how BP adjust to all ENGLISH lyrics for their Blinks!! I want moreee! Great job SELPINK!

Jocab sartoruis

I’ve tried to become a fan of theirs but I can’t. All their songs sound the same and this... it sounds so robotic ina way(too much autotune)? Anyway, the lyrics are just terrible, do they not write their songs? My standards are not high bc I listen to BTS, wim is BTS always has some extravagant music that never disappoints me like none of BTS songs are even remotely mediocre. I’m sorry but I can’t be a blink, this is their second time copying BTS melodies for this song copied “second grade”. Bp is only getting clout bc the beauty standards and mv visuals.

cute glitter bomb

You da best !!! Love it work it do it!!😍


Honestly this song a such a bop


This song is a sweet song 😽 reminds me of a song that would’ve been popular in 2008 but in a good way! 💕






Blackpink and Selena did very well with this tasty new single!


Love selpink


wouldn’t be surprised if they disband once this contract ends in 2022


Big fan of Selena and I like some of BlackPink’s songs . Some parts same something close to Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake but wow O-O

Garrus Vakarian12

Great. Little repetitive and devoid of layered meaning but catchy. The lead's voice is nice although there was some autotune.


I thought their collaboration can be really amazing but.. they really disappointed me!


Don’t listen to any of this idiots they think they know everything but they don’t honestly stop leaving hateful things because nobody cares about your opinion like think how it affects you and everybody else you can’t sing your not doing anything but sitting down on your couch putting bad things on the internet if you don’t like something ok you don’t have to listen to it or anything if you got something bad to say keep it to yourself and if you don’t like their music why listen think about it. Keep doing what your doing Blackpink 🖤💗


I like the Beat and I like Ice Cream and I love Selena Gomez so a win for me. 😎👌🏼🖤🍦


It’s safe to say their music is getting worse sorry not sorry 😐


No just no. Horrible song. I’m a blink but this was disappointing. Out of all the artists in the work Selena Gomez? Smh

haya jb

I don’t like kpop but i loved blackpink ,this is the worst song ever , so disappointed the vocals were bad just like the rap , this song is cringe 🤢💔


I replay the song just for that part 😂


At the beginning I didn’t like the song, but the more I listened, I liked it. Lol. I can dance to it




What are you waiting for? Over 100M views on YouTube in 24 hours of initial release. Buy it and enjoy


This is just noise


why are they forcing their voices to be more crackly—it sounds awful


The Song at first was okay but, I gave it more listens and I'm in love with the song. I don't know what with the other reviews but, I think some are reaching just a bit. Ice Cream is very catchy at least to me. I don't really care if it's basic at least to me it seems like something way different from what they usually do and I don't take the lyrics to seriously I think they're fun to sing a long to. It's just kind of upsetting to see Blackpink get so much hate for Everything that they do. People complained that they are using the same formula but, now that they do something different they get hate for it.


This has been the best collab in Kpop. Their voices fit perfectly with each other and the song. Stop hating on Blackpink and Selena. They deserve all the love and support. So many army’s here trying to compare blackpink to BTS just stop. Thee girls deserve all the love and support please stop the hate comments. Can’t wait for the album 🥰🥳




So excited for this!


such a catchy song, and the chemistry between the girls and selena is just ❤️


Love this collab selpink in ya area


But selena gomez made much better songs and blackpink is a big fat same concept, copying 2ne1 for no reason, and complete trash

Blackpink is the revolution!

Wish it was with ari


To be honest this is one of their best releases to date! And I think it was a great decision to get Selena Gomez on the track 💝 queen of pop & queens of KPop.


Not good-hearing

Japanese charecter ❤️

It’s amazing! It really shows the girls fun personality. I don’t get why everyone is giving it 1 star, they are probably upset it wasn’t with Ariana Grande. I haven’t been able to buy it yet but as soon as I can I definitely will!! 💖🍦