BLACKPINK - How You Like That

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How You Like That - Single Tracklist:


I love BlackPink but I can’t give this a 5 or a 4, i East have to give it a 3 because they need to work with new producers. That teddy guy produces almost the same sounding songs for them all the time. The best and lyrics could literally be interchanged with Kill this love, du-du-du, etc. I know that most kpop groups are controlled but I hope the album has some other producers working on it. They deserve much better than this. Still a decent song but it’s been heard from them a few times already. I’m sorry BP. I still stan and will always be a blink and purchase music but I am hoping for something different on the album or at least a slight showing of some growth in music.

I like to watch pewdiepie

This is song great! I can’t believe that they hit 82 million views in 24 hours!


All of BP’s music is so repetitive. A lot of people (including me) are looking for lyrics that have a message or meaning. This is not it. We’re at a turning point in the music industry where young people are not looking for songs that rap or sing about money, cars and mansions. We’re looking for messages and stories told through songs. This is just a waste of people’s time and money. This is not music. This is noise. BLACKPINK is the opposite of the revolution.


Ever since Kill This Love once everyone started bandwagon riding BTS & BlackPink Kpop hasn’t been the same. It’s become watered down and this song sounds like their earlier hits. The instrumental is flat, nothing exciting about this at all. GaGa’s song with them already died down too. Wish they would go back to their roots and let people like them for them not because they’re the next group to crossover and become westernized. Secondly there is a review here telling people on how they shouldn’t leave 1 star reviews based on the sound or whatever. It is their opinion to like or not like the song. Who died and made you the president of BlackPink? Who are you to swear people better go back to their groups fan base? Seriously most of the reviews are from people who have been fans of the group since day one. So if the song makes you shake tour body great but seriously shake all the hate and animosity towards others away from here and understand the song isn’t for everyone.


You’ll never be 2ne1 please stop! You don’t have the swag.


Bp are just trash in general and I’ve only rly heard the chorus and wow they just get worse and worse. Also with the cultural appropriation that keeps on popping up in this group HOW DO PPL LIKE THEM!


With four years into their career and they only made the same song over and over again, I’m sorry but this not it. The song is mediocre at best, I saw a lot of fans saying it is their brand but that doesn’t mean creating the same song for four years. There are many groups and artists who have their own brand but they don’t seem to creat the same song every time.


Love it


They did well


I luv dis :3 thank GOD for this song! Lisa also has de best parts- -v-


gotta love the 4 queens who run blackpink. will hopefully always be a stan for such an amazing group. ❤️


I understand if your not a fan or you don’t enjoy it, but please stop hating on kpop or blackpink. They are amazing and they must be so happy performing again so please stop hating. They are amazing! If you hate the song or dislike the group then why are you even here? Just leave and live your life because your wasting your time hating on a song/group. Love blackpink 🖤💗




I like everything about this song besides the chorus. These girls have so much talent, but yg is wasting it away. no doubt they worked hard for this song, but the company keeps failing them. The chorus ‘look at me now look at you’ is fine but the best and sounds behind that do not go with the song at all. idk. i still support blackpink, but i wish they had better music. they know how to write music!! let them produce it themselves!!!


This seems to be just like every other k-pop song. BTS can do better...

Kpop kings BB

I love this song 😍


Just leaving this here before all the haters drown me out. I love the song and I think blackpink did a great with the presentation. I don’t give a crap about what someone else believes about teddy and if you can’t break the song down on it’s technical merits or the way girls presented the song, then I don’t care because your opinions matter not at all to me. I like the song, I thinks it’s fun and to a lot of people, that’s all that matters.

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I don’t get why everyone doesn’t like this I really like it😜😜


Please don’t judge this song based on how you felt on the first listen. Give it time and it will grow on you, I promise.


I love it, it’s high energy and puts me in a good mood!!!


Congratulations, BLACKPINKS & and Blinks! As someone who has had experience playing instruments in bands, singing in a choir, and currently work in design, I appreciate the art, musicality and the experience BLACKPINK’s discography gives. I love the colorful details in their voices and of course, the music videos. I see the passion in their eyes and their drive to showcase that passion. The ties of fashion flair and historical items in the video - I am referring to the trojan horse, Hanbok and Lisa’s skirt (homage to Thai textiles) - show that there is a team to make sure the girls shine! I hope YG continues to carry this energy through and channel it into each girl individually. They are ready for solo work and the space to create their own identity as artists <3 As a creative myself, it is important for that space to exist and to practice in that space. I am looking forward to hearing more from Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa! ❤️🌹 xoxoxo - an iKONIC 🥀

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For all the one stars reviewers who are vague with their reasons on why the song was bad just please leave. It’s literally a good song and personally I feel like this comeback was one they all really enjoyed seeing as how they have a new stylist. They ALL have outfits that slayed unlike the past comebacks and if u watched the pre-release interview you’d know they were really happy and excited for this track to release.




i’m so sorry blinks but teddy made this sound like auto tuned farts. can we please get a aiiyl song pls


this is a super good song, but haters gonna hate I guess


When will this trend end god it’s awful. It’s the most generic pop music I’ve heard but with Korean in it. No wonder 12 year olds eat this up


I loved Whistle but this song took me! Anyone reading the reviews from people who aren’t fans of BLΛƆKPIИK are irrelevant.


Love them so much and such a great comeback




I just love it when ppl come only to hate. Focus on your faves

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If this passes for music, I need a new day job.


This song is very meaningful to the girls and they worked hard for step closer to the full album


We love BP!!! Thank you for giving us another bop. Looking forward to more wholesome content with you in the future!


i personally think it’s the best song that they’ve ever made!!! Blackpink Babyyyyy...... love you queens!❤️


This sound like a rap and then it completely changes style and flow and then it comes back like when a girl is thinking bout a guy we’re there like don’t fall for him but he smiled at me no he is making u fall for it but he is cute tho that’s what is literally sounds like




Could have been better


Blackpink in your area, and looks like they’re staying. Broke YouTube records and performed at Coachella, they are headed in the right direction 🖤💗


🤣🤣 red velvet of course 💋


Not really good at this point Black pink is only getting millions of views just cuz they are the group that is Popular for being popular this song was very lack luster not really worth paying for 🤦🏻‍♂️

a person 🤓

I mean, it’s okay? It’s just very repetitive to their other songs. Before someone attacks me and says it’s their style, there’s a difference between style and repetition. Plus, the song has way too much going on which is pretty distracting and kind of annoying. It’s not the worst, but it’s obviously the best.


The queens are back and breaking their own records. MAKING HISTORY.


It’s boring and annoying


a lot of the one star reviews consist of disguised anti’s all claiming the same thing “there’s no substance!”, “it’s repetitive!”, “it sounds like all their songs!!” Listen...Blackpink have a brand and with that brand comes their sound. You can have your opinion and that’s fine, but as soon as you turn it into an reason to direct unnecessary hate towards them then that’s where a majority of fans draw the line. They should do what they like and what their fans like. You can stay in your fandom with your group if that’s what you want, Blackpink and Blinks are not responsible for your interests. Lose your ego a bit, the world does not spin on your axis. It’s a bop and it’s something I can shake my a** to, that’s what the fans want.


Ended BTS period


my babies really did it big, after a year of waiting so proud🤞🏽🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


I love BLACKPINK but this just sounded like kill this love pt.2. They have so much potential but YG keeps doing them dirty


This is bad childish noise.


not very memorable imo, they have more talent than all these badda bing badda boom songs