Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve

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Parasite Eve - Single Tracklist:


I was a bit concerned with some of the pop elements on AMO, even though I liked most of it. This one, however, is a killer track, made by geniuses who mix electronic, pop and my favorite, hard rock and metal, perfectly. I love it! Great band, great track. Well done!


amo lyrics + That’s the Spirit chorus + Sempiternal-esque breakdown + a tablespoon of GO TO, you get Parasite Eve


This is better. The other stuff they’ve released in the recent years hasn’t been good. I can jam to this.

Queen Satan

I love

Mikey Briso

Was skeptical at first. But every single time you listen to it it gets better. Different, Catchy. Glad they’re going back to their roots. Built off amo but with that og BMTH. Dmn good job.


Nice to see they decided to change their sound a little bit.


No one doing it like BMTH. 🔥


Love it


Be careful... it almost sounds like real music.


You can defiantly hear the Grimes WAP influences... good song


So glad they’re going back( slowly) to their harder roots, but also including the experimental dance/ edm part of their music as well. Looking forward to more of them


this song is so amazing. guarantee you’ll love it. (:


best song of 2020 actually.




Once again BMTH has mastered any genre they want into one song. Always my favorite band!


Brings me LINKIN PARK vibes

Oblivious Neptune33

This is different and I like it :)

Top trash |-/

This has restored my hope for the music industry!!

Aloft heyday

This is great! Their last EP was garbage compared to this and “Ludens.” While I’m not as big of a fan of BMTH anymore this is a solid song and I’d like more.


this band just keeps surprising me over and over again nothing but the best this song is perfect


Loved BMTH, saw them live before they really transitioned genre’s, which, while I respect, not the biggest fan of. Always awesome getting some heavier instrumentals and harsher vocals here and there.


Great song


There is nothing special about this song at all. Underwhelming and average






A really good single during this new era of BMTH. Loved their old. Love their new. The journey has been fun and every new entry has been a fun chapter to watch and listen to. This song is already up there for me!


They're back....


They just keep growing. That’s what good musicians do .


I kinda like it and it’s catchy but there are a lot of things that are unnecessary, overall I wouldn’t listen to it more that once cuz I don’t wanna go deaf.🤷🏻‍♀️


Amazing song!!


It’s not for me. I don’t really care if it’s heavy or not, but there isn’t a lot going on here with the instruments and the flow of the song is just off. I added a star because the lyrics aren’t bad😁


Great new song from BMTH. Glad to hear some new music from them and can’t wait to hear more!


Been a BMTH fan for well over a decade. They never disappoint and are constantly evolving. This song is absolutely amazing. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


This song is really good, and I enjoyed it overall more than ammo, although that was a good album too. But this band is definitely getting better as they keep progressing 🤟

Heisenberg 152

Looking forward to future releases. Ludens and Parasite Eve are perfect.

XxX 2Lit4UXxX

I’ve been a fan of BMTH for over 7-8 years and although they have been through some tough times because of there genre swing, this is probably the best song they have put out since the Sempiternal album


Wasn’t a huge fan of these guys’ past few releases, but I think this single is the perfect mix of their early releases and their new style.



Lawlipop 78

I love this new direction they’re going for with Ludens and now this.


This definitely lived up to the hype. What an awesome blend of their old sound and their new sound! Had a good feeling about this song based on the teaser videos and Ludens, but this exceeded my expectations (plus I love the video as well). So excited for more music like this!


These guys tend to receive a lot of unnecessary hate in the metal community, but I’ve always believed in them and their creative direction. While the majority of other metalcore/rock bands are churning out the same dull album every two years, BMTH have managed to outmaneuver their peers and challenge the genre barriers within metal, rock, alternative, and electronica. They’re ahead of the curve and I am BEYOND excited to hear what’s to come.