Charlie Puth - Girlfriend

Atlantic Records/Rumson Records, ℗ 2020 Artist Partner Group, Inc.

Girlfriend - Single Tracklist:


Simple. Fun. Just plain good.

Madi Sweere

The production on this song alone makes it worth listening to over and over again. Puth is a master at layering more and more into his sound and making it so full. Plus the lyrics are catchy as hell.


other REAL artists outsold.. with ease.. gone off the radar...


trash 💩

si da guy

I love the music in the background and the singing is spot on.


keep it


such a summer bop im tellin ya! was worth the wait after cheating on you!! 😝😝

jones the bones

I mean I do like Charlie Puth but, this song is,🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. But I do like other songs from him.

HOT Dance Mix

Great music for your Dentist office😐


bruh i loved charlie and this song is all over the place and i don’t think it makes much sense. maybe he should stick with making tunes for people on tik tok to come up with lyrics...


Charlie used to have such current but fresh beats and songs. This is bland and although I give him credit for sticking to his “sound”, this song will just fade away. Already getting lost among the latest from Gaga, Katy, etc......


Another generic song about something that’s very cliche.


That’s the type of music that suits Charlie the most!! Similar bangers such as attention and how long are his thing and Girlfriend is no exception!


such a bop, worth the wait!!


Go buy and stream INTENTIONS instead! You’re welcome!

sandler 122345

Great song, love the beat


This is typical, same old Charlie Puth music, there is nothing new about this song. Honestly these same beats, same everything actually, are getting quite boring. Like someone mentioned here he seems very disengaged with his music, maybe he needs a break to actually deliver music with quality and fresh beats, something that is actually “new & different” not “old & boring”. His “new” song was predictable, I actually laughed when I heard it for the first time because I saw it coming. Honestly, I was disappointed because for once I wanted to be wrong. Anyways, at this point I’ve lost any hope I had for this artist and he’s now become a one hit, one note artist, nothing more, nothing less. This isn’t coming from a place of hate or envy, is coming from someone that actually owns all of his music and was hoping for growth and actually something different. I mean something different, not the same style of music he always releases. I’m just done hoping for the best, and expecting something new from him because by now I know I will never get it. Good luck kiddo. ✌️


Great song! I might try to get this song played to night on OHP(Open House Party)


Ok i’ve been a fan of his for a while now and i support him and all but this isn’t it. He’s not rly singing and the lyrics don’t rly make sense. I miss the one call away/attention/how long:(


Thanks a ton


Hopefully this will be a huge summer hit...I prefer his newer stuff over his earlier work


Nothing new here. Not being rude... he’s pretty talented. “See You Again” was not just a big hit, but an emotional song that many will continue to Listen to for years to come and connect with for a long time. ‘Fun upbeat’ songs are cool and all, but they get tiring. This sound doesn't suit him sometimes. And he seems disengaged with his music career. Hopefully that can shift soon.


Amazing as always!


This mans musical abilities are amazing, I appreciate so much of his art, he deserves all of the hype. This is a REAL musician! Not to mention we both have Perfect Pitch 😁


Like always

Katelyn <3 gymnastics

Really love this song. The vocals are amazing, and the best is so catchy. Charlie is for sure one of the most talented musicians


Yes yes YES

Pop for life

We have been waiting for to long but it was worth it


Perfect upbeat summer hit!

jesus lover <3

This is such a fun, upbeat song. It’s gets stuck in your head the best way possible. The song is just SUCH a vibe. get it now, u won’t regret it.


amazing as usual, charlie’s music never fails to impress me 🥰


the people who give it 1 star have no taste


So smooth and Viby


love it


What happened?


Keep it up Charlie 😘


Sam Derosa and CP should release a song together! Stream Girlfriend Stream Pill for This by Sam DeRosa. There was a connection between them!!!! 😂


Just another artist that lost it after their first two albums...


Charlie needs innovation



doggie lover🐾

Yet another great song from the boy Charlie himself!!💗👏🏼


This song is so amazing! It has such a 80’s vibe to it and I’m really elated that it paints a picture of what the sound of the album will be!


This is not half bad, the synths sound like it’s from the 80’s I like that 👌🏽


It’s not even good it’s just cringe


Not hood


charlie, u never disappoint. amazing song


Love this XoXo


This song is THE BOP of the summer. I said here folks! Charlie you really outdid yourself with this one🤍


He doesn’t elevate his sound at all

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