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Love this album.. Christian country perfection ❤️❤️❤️

Mickeychelle 8

This is such an awesome album. Praise God!

Setting sights

I have never purchased a full album since the days of only vinyl albums; until now. I love every song on this album! It’s the perfect album to listen to driving down the road, while doing chores, sitting on your back porch marveling at creation, or any other time you just want to feel God’s love.

Marco Esquandolasito

This is really good. Every song is good. Great production by Chris and FGL.


So many amazing songs! This is my new favorite album for sure! It’s on repeat.


Love this music love the artist .... incredible! God is great!


Once again Chris Tomlin has nailed it


This album is just what is needed right now. God bless you all for creating such a great album and not being afraid to take a stand and declare your love for Jesus! My family and I can’t get enough of this- so thank y’all!


So good! Love the collaboration of artists singing Christian music!


I danced, I cried, I sang at the top of my lungs,I told everyone I could to download it. So in love with this album!!




i think its such a good combination and it really shows who the artist truly are


Great alumb.. It's nice to have something other than "typical christian music". Hope more of these collabs continue to happen!


Words are powerful!


I am so glad that Chris Tomlin, a Christian artist, mixed with some of today’s modern secular artists to make this album. I’m very thankful that I have a few country singers to listen to that are singing Christian music! Awesome songs! I recommend this album because it’s just so cool for Christians to have something “different” and inspiring to listen to.




Love the way it merges country and gospel!




i force myself to love it but i just can’t


Thank you for the gorgeous blend of Christian and Country music in times like these.


This album just blessed my socks off! Phenomenal job Chris!


A and B Saw


Else clicked on the new genre and saw this


Amazing to see Tomlin pull this together. Great production and fresh songs. Love it.


I cant recall the last time I purchased a whole album, but today I am ❤️


Thank you Lord for letting these artists come together and write beautiful, uplifting, Christian songs. So good, and much needed during this time!




Very well done! 🔥


I love Tomlin - and admire the desire to break new ground. However, this is basically a country and western project without much Tomlin. I’m sure many will really like it - but it didn’t strike a chord with me.


I have loved Chris’s music since he started. His worship music is incredible. I also have loved country music so to have Chris mix up his worship music in a county style is perfect! It’s beautiful and so fun!


Outstanding album! Every song is just incredible, uplifting, and powerful. And to hear Chris singing with these country artists is something completely unexpected, but yet sounds so natural. Love seeing you strech your legs and tread into uncharted territory. Congratulations Chris! You and everyone on this album did an amazing job. Love you.


We all need some good music with great messages in the times we are living in! This album is awesome! Something for everyone! I rarely like all the songs on an album but this is the exception! Great music and lyrics and love all the collaborations!


I don't think much of country music anymore. Everyone either sounds the same, or are too "twangy". Lady A stood out on this album. RaeLynn was a pleasant surprise. Amazing what happens when you take the twang out of someone's voice and just sing. Russell Dickerston stood out to me the most. I LOVE his voice. He's got that signature sound. Cool route taken by Chris Tomlin.


What a truly amazing blessing to hear this collaboration of gifted artists and inspired songs! So thankful for this!


Love this album soooo much! Love the country sound to it! So different and unique than what’s being played now! Love that Chris Tomlin is using his God given gift to share the love of Jesus ❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼

Bear Hunt 55

Have hoped for so long for music like this that will be sung about God working in us everyday, everywhere. Makes perfect sense!

Shel Pruett

Raelyn is a beautiful writer that loves her some Jesus. She comes from a long line of anointed worshipers. So glad she is on this album. Good call, Chris.

David G W

Chris Tomlin is a gifted Christian musician. His music always speaks to my spirit. The first 3 songs have filled me with God’s love and holy spirit more than I could have imagined. I actually wasn’t going to order the album because it was not all his singing but now I am extremely thankful for this album. Looking forward to hear the rest of it. Someday in a post Covid world I also look forward to seeing him in concert again.


With everything that is going on in the world today, I truly believe that this is an album for everyone’s heart and weary souls. After only listening to the first 3 songs, I can tell that you have yet another incredible album to add to your list of phenomenal songs. You and your team are such a blessing to this world, Chris! Glad to see that you finally teamed up with the Country artists - love it!! Can’t wait for July 31st to hear the rest of the album!! Now, let us all keep shining His love right back to the people who need it in this world.

JD Brandon

Where is Rascal Flatts?


I’m ready for the rest! This is perfect to sit outside on your front porch at night and spend time with God and watch the fireflies! I hope this reaches tons of people! Thank You Lord for this collaboration and the blessing you give each day! Thanks guys I love it!


Love these first songs from the new album!! I can’t wait to hear the rest of them! Thanks, Chris, for always bringing His Word to us through song.


I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Glad that you’re getting to stretch your legs with that country twang and still carry the word like you do! Thanks to all the artists that worked on this record!


Thank you lord though!


Never would've thought Chris Tomlin would do a collab with Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line. Absolutely LOVE IT. Catchy song and definitely a breath of fresh air into the normal CCM "sound". Hope to see some more CCM + Country collabs in the future. Well done!

Cory Kruse

Praise music for our time, still grounded in the Word and infused with a pop-country leaning. Catchy, inspired, and a natural evolution of Chris’s music. Love it.

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