Five Finger Death Punch - F8

℗ 2020 Five Finger Death Punch, under exclusive license to Better Noise Music

F8 Tracklist:




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Classic sound with deep lyrics, I’m still a huge fan, I might be “a little bit off”. But I don’t think so!


Just because a band uses a formula, doesn’t mean every song sounds the same. Same thing with Slipknot; almost all their songs follow the same formula. This album is solid.


Would be awesome if they would go harder on vocals instead of holding back. This ain’t it chief


As a esteemed person that had heard every single one of their songs thus far, this album is awesome! Ivan's vocals are supreme! The calmer songs are good too! Don't listen to the people that tell you it sounds the same! It sounds awesome!


I don’t know what you critics are listening to but you obviously didn’t hear what I heard! Ivan is BACK! The entire album is AWESOME! Way heavier than recent releases. Thank you Ivan Moody and FFDP! AWESOME

Magickal Morphs

I’ve loved 5FDP for years. Excited as always to see a new album and couldn’t purchase/download it fast enough. I listened to the whole thing in one swoop, and am left wondering what happened to the band I love? None of the songs were catchy or memorable. Just meh. Won’t bother listening to it again, I felt it was that bad. Hoping the next will be better.


Pretty good so far 👍🏼


Haven’t had an album in a long time that made me love every single song almost immediately. Great mix of many genres of rock. Absolutely love this album


I’m a huge FFDP fan and I think this is some of their best work. Takes me back to American Capitalist and some of their old stuff. I’m so happy for Ivan’s recovery and keep rocking boys!🤘


I miss the old, heavy 5 finger. Every album since American capitalist sounds exactly the same. Such a powerful vocalist but they waste his abilities. Just go back and listen to their first 3 albums, the only albums that 5 finger has utilized breakdowns and Ivan’s incredible ability to scream, and growl. Their music is basically pop country now. Very disappointed with the progression of 5 finger death punch, the band whose first 2 albums got me into metal.


Where my TWOTF gone :(

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It’s wow

triksterxtreme rocking

Fantastic job, every song is awesome. They go farther on this album, there in there best on this one. By far the best album for rock and rollers everywhere...Keep rocking brothers and sisters.. hell yeah..




I’m not here to defend anyone or bash anyone just to give my opinion ... I think it’s an excellent album. Five Finger has a certain sound to them that makes them unique .... I say stick to what works ... You know the old saying — it it ain’t broke... Don’t fix that motherfu$&er... FFDP Keep doing what you do !!


Will be a fan today tomorrow and after death I heard every song that they put out I blast every crazy song out load when I take my daily walks on my little speaker so the world can here this band.


I can’t stop listening to this album over and over! Such a good album! I don’t care what all the haters say or anyone!! Won’t stop supporting FFDP my favorite band!! Keep it going FFDP don’t listen to all these haters that thinks all the song sound the same they don’t!! You guys keep doing what your doing!! 😊😊


This band is lame


bout to chug


I have been to 2 of their concerts already and these guys keep rocking on like no other band has in a long time. Can’t wait for this album to drop and I have every one released to this date. Please come back to the Mathew Knight Arena in Eugene Or and I will go again. 5FDP till I die. I just finished listening to the whole album today and I can’t believe how these guys just keep going. Once again this band is awesome and enough great praise can’t be said about them. (5FDPTID)


Sounds like the same old thing. Just a bar band that plays better covers than their originals. -JimmyPatPie.


They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions ❤️☠️👊🖤💰🥤


Same old fake edgelord junk they’ve been shoveling for years.


Great example of their range

Red dead fanboy

Great return to form. Got the vinyl version of this. Fricking classic album. Any real death punch fan will tell you the same thing as I am


Words cannot express how much time and effort these guys put into making this album. Absolutely magnificent from start to finish especially with with tracks such as Full Circle, A Little Bit Off, Scar Tissue, Brighter Side of Grey, and my personal favorite Death Punch Therapy. So far 2020 is off to a rockin start from Breaking Benjamin’s Aurora to this. Trivium, In This Moment, Lamb of God, and Nightwish you’re up 😎🔥🤘🏾


It’s not as good as there other recorders they have released kinda of a let down to be honest. Doesn’t have the Death Punch song/beat. Hopefully The next one they produce will have it again.


I absolutely love the new album. I like the order they put the songs in. It’s such a great flow. Best album yet.


Ffdp is literally one of my favorite bands. I honesty don’t see why people are complaining about their music saying that it’s the same over and over again. There are some other metal/rock bands that has albums that sound the same too but never get music shamed. I love their music!


Idk this all sounds the same even with the new drummer whats-his-face it sounds the same


FFDP never ceases to amaze me. Incredible tracks. There isn't a song I dislike! 😎🤘


I, personally, love it. There are some thick-headed people in the world that will hate on any song that is made by them (and that goes for all bands, as well... always those people that prefer to hate).... rating albums prior to their release shouldn't be allowed, for this specific reason... all of the negative reviews are from December, when the pre-order was originally released... all of the more recent reviews are all positive... I'm a fan of this album!


Whole album nice and diverse reflecting the talent of the band (as other albums have as well). Couple songs will easily chart and with opinion “A Little Off” is a top performer because of how it speaks to the heart of many. “Living The Dream” is another...


Metal. Rock. Ballad. Humor. I love it. These guys aren’t going away any time soon.


I got to admit they put a lot more effort into this album more that Got Your Six and And Justice for None great job Five Finger Death Punch


I decided to give the album a listen after a noticed that there were fans of two other pop stars leaving bad reviews on FFDP’s album for no reason other than to promote their artist.....Now that the album is out. I am listening to it as I type this. It’s not totally for me, but I really like the grove the some of the riffs have. I think the guitar solos could be a little more memorable. I’m surprised how good of a clean singer Ivan Moody is. Keep in mind that this is the first FFPD album I’ve ever heard. Not a fan of his Phil Anselmo copied low-tone speaking (but that being said I only like it when Phil does it, anyway) just keep singing and I think he’ll make more of a distinct name for himself. The very first couple of seconds of “This is War” sounds like Ivan is copying Max Cavalera, but that song still has some really good riffing so it’s a good one......I love that fact that there are 15 songs (not counting the radio edit of “Inside Out”) you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. The album is a 4 for me but, I’m going to give them a 5 because they one of those mainstream “Brah-Metal” band that we need to help keep metal alive in the mainstream. Like them or not, they are doing a good job of that. Metal purists (like I use to be) will never admit it but Metal needs band the FFDP. They are more likely to spread metal to non-metal listeners. Often times listeners of more extreme forms of Metal, start with band like FFDP or Disturbed. So don’t hate on them that much.


Well the album is finally out and it’s great and much better than the last two albums. It may not be what some people want but you can definitely ignore all the one star reviews, they’re by ignorant people who probably never even listened to the album. Old review: I don’t usually rate an album before hearing the whole album but it’s necessary when there are so many morons leaving one star reviews just because. If you don’t like the band fine, go listen to whatever garbage you do like, you don’t have to post a fake review, it’s not going to hurt their album sales or their feelings one bit. F’ing losers.


Truly their best record in a long time. Glad they’re back to being aggressive.


Stop listening if all you’re going to do is complain and compare. If you think this sounds the same, then you’re tone deaf. It’s completely original and sounds completely amazing! This is absolutely one of the best 5FDP has done yet. Haters can hate, but if you’re complaining, it means you listened.


These guys have done great with keeping to their original sound. Every album is familiar, but new, but not so new that it’s doesn’t “feel” like FFDP. It’s almost as though every album has just been part of one single continuous record. To give you a comparison, think of Metallica, now think of Metallica’s album “St. Anger”. Saint Anger did not SOUND or FEEL like the Metallica fans know and love, and hence, most of them hated it. Not the case with F8. This is solid FFDP at their best. Top of their game. They bring the heavy riffs and aggressive percussion that made them big to begin with. 🤘🏻Zoltan🤘🏻


Such a good album. The lyrics are amazing and the music is awesome with a great mix of hard stuff and more mellow stuff as well.


These guys are actual trash


Love this album. Yes, they have a formula, but it works. I enjoy their music and F8 doesn’t disappoint.


Good songs.


I was a little let down on their previous album. Minutes one or two songs I really enjoy this one!


Nice to see this band is back and stronger than ever!!!


Definitely isn’t the same sound over and over, 5FDP expands on some range IMO on this album and throws down some worthy metal! So far best album of 2020