℗ 2014 Upper Room Music


Worshippers team.💪 Great album! A must..2 have it.👍


I don't know how many times I've listen to the entire album! It really represents the heart of God for worship.


I love this album so much and am giving it to as many people as possible for Christmas :) Praying God continues to bless this church and that all who hear this album will encounter His love and presence in life-changing ways! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


This album really blesses me. Because not only is it setting a blaze of glory to our heavenly father but it is coming from a group of willing vessels to be used and to be stirred. The sound is so unique and you can really hear and feel God's presence all over the songs and all over the project

C- section

Nuf said


What an amazing album. Highly recommend to add to your worship collection!


This album isn’t just another worship album trying to leave its mark or gain territory. It’s a sound that was birthed from being a room together going after a man named Jesus. Then, the songs came. This is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. What a refreshing way to end the year.


This album is very powerful, and has an amazing unique sound. I encountered God very powerfully while listening!


There is nothing like hearing the heartbeat of your family blasting through your speakers and taking you to places you've never been before, but places you've always wanted to be. This album shouts "Welcome Home"!

Andrew Presley

This album is an amazing album. I love listening to these songs!


By far the best album I have bought in ages! The Upper Room worship team could not have possibly done any better. Prepare yourself to encounter the love of God!


What a compilation of heavenly inspired music . This is the start of greatness for these musicians .




What happens when a community of creatives whose lives are centered around the presence of God and love for one another? An album like this is birthed. Filled with new original songs, I couldn't recommend it any greater. Taylor Turner for president.


I know all of these people and I couldn't be more blessed by all of them. This album has been long in the making and I am so happy to have a copy. Everyone should download this album! Because U R WORSHIP!!! To God be the glory and honor!

J W for Jesus

Upperoom worship embodies the sweetest presence of Jesus I've encountered. 👍👍 because I don't have 3!