Eagles - Hotel California (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

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Hotel is really good but....Listen to Joe's "So What" solo album then "One of these Nights". Which do you think is closer to Hotel? They were really good before but whether or not peope want to admit, Joe Walsh moved the Eagles into the Super group category.


Thanks for the expanded live versions..love it, and sound is amazing


Awesome Band, Best Music!


Back when they were great with Felder.


Finally a live version of One of these Nights available on iTunes. Love the eagles!


I have listened to this album and the original (on iTunes) several times and can hardly tell a difference. There may be some clearer moments in the remaster, but the overall quality seems the same. The original recording is just that good....buy this for the live tracks because they are truly outstanding.

Fins Up In Indiana

Disregard the few bugs in the crowd. If you can't write two sentences without a spelling or grammar error, then you probably don't get the Eagles anyway.


Their music is the iconic background of my youth! Know matter where you heard their music..., on a record player (the Album days) or on the radio..., their music ALWAYS made you feel better! Hooray for their 40th Year of the rerelease of some of the best music ever played and heard!!!!


should be buy this music? Worse, the live versions are note by note versions, not adding much to the recorded versions. Rabid fans (rubes) won't notice.

Al L.

Glenn and the boys at their PEAK. Buy this....sounds great. And you get the GREAT Joe Walsh thrown in as a bonus.

Noah Y.

I am a 16 year old fan of Classic Rock, especially The Eagles. I have all their albums from their debut Eagles to Hell Freezes Over. My favorite Eagles albums are Hotel California and On the Border, I am very happy so many songs from On the Border are on this album live. The album sounds great and I love all the live tracks of songs like Already Gone, Take it to the Limit, Take it Easy, James Dean, and Good Day in Hell. You can also hear Joe Walsh and Don Felder adding their rock roots to the songs with amazing guitar solos. The entire album is amazing, all the live songs are fantastic, and it is worth every penny. The only complaint I have is that older Eagles tunes are not added to the album. Live versions of Chug All Night, Nightingale, Take the Devil, Tryin, and Outlaw Man would make this album slightly better. This album is still amazing and every song is fantastic. It easily beats out any popular “artist” today.


all times favourite


"Hotel California" was the Eagles at their best. Ex-James Gang singer/guitarist Joe Walsh makes his debut on this album. His influence is heard through out many of the tracks. His classic slide guitar solos are amazing to say the least. This Deluxe Edition is nice to have but instead of "live" tracks on the second cd I'd have preferred some demos or alternate versions.

Stan the man!!!

I was there all by myself

The Bradleyss

Who keeps buying this thing over and over again? How many copies do you need? It's playing on every Oldies station in town, and on the Muzak system at the retirement community down the road. Enough already!


I've been a fan since around 1983. Heard this album front to back at a party and have been a huge fan ever since. All I'm going to say is that the live tracks on this remaster should be a treat for those of us who assume we've heard this a thousand times before. At the time of this review, only "Hotel (Live)" is available for download, but it is already probably my favorite "live" version yet. It doesn't sound hurried like some others. In fact it's got a nice "groove" to it that I'm unfamiliar with on previous live versions. If the rest of the live tracks are this good, then this is a definite purchase. Give it a listen, you'll see what I mean.


Cannot wait for this.