Eagles - Hotel California

℗ 1976 Asylum Records. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Hotel California Tracklist:

LittleTaley, The artist

Hiya! Now, when I was younger my grandma died cause of a cancer.. and this was her favorite song, my dad told me a lot about her, and hearing this makes me feel closer to her, so thank you. :) P.s, This is good music, nowadays, it’s just “n word n word, ya ya, inter course got ma b in the limbo” and just stuff like that, it’s, terrible. But these old types of songs have so much meaning and importance, it’s amazing.


Love listening to the Eagles-especially live. I don’t have the words to tell you why...if you’re in love w/60s & the 70s music, I don’t need to explain.


I really appreciate that people recognize their talent, and know further that friggin Justin Bieber


The Eagles are the greatest band to ever grace our stages. No bad songs on any of their albums. This album is their best but America knows this already. Remember... you can check out any time you like but can never leave

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If you place this against any album from nowadays there is no contest, Eagles fly free. Rip Glenn Fry, you’re missed.

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The one album that I bought during the seventies 1977 I think when I was at the young age of 10. The record player almost burned down as I overplay this record. During this time my root country the Philippines, jukeboxes were so common and you always hear “Hotel California” and “New Kid In Town” being selected by fans to play on the jukeboxes. The Eagles were one of the super bands that crossed boundaries and genre. And Hotel California for me was there biggest hit record. Thanks guys and R.I.P. Glen. The Eagles will always be one of my favorite groups way up there together with The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Led Zeppelin and yes, Steely Dan.

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One of the best albums of all-time. A timeless classic.


Liking older music doesn’t make you special. Modern music is good you just need to look for the good stuff. Now back to the review 5/5


This is real music I love hotel California it's my favorite I think that there should be more songs like this ❤️😊


I don't care what the haters say. This is The Eagles best album and it's also a good album in general. Definitely Recommend it. R.I.P. Glenn Frey


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Seb the Cat

This is amazing music!!!!


Um it's ok I guess


I'm a fetus, and believe it or not I don't like typical music that my mom plays through her belly like wheels on the bus, this is real music


I'm 15 and I wish I grew up in this era of music because music today does not have the same soul. Needless to say I love this album


This is such an amazing song!


From beginning to the end there is no let up by this legendary band. Every song adds up to one of the three greatest records of the 70's rivaled only by Led Zepplin.


This is the greatest album ever from 1-9 the songs are timeless classics. Love this album


Just glad to see a great song before music went to hell back on the charts




this album is definitely my favorite album of all time. a true classic.


I am obsessed with this song.... Hotel California


I'm a twenty-first century teenager, but I'm one of the good ones. I know good music when I hear it, I hear it with the Eagles. the Eagles are amazingly talented and their instrumentals are amazing and catchy! I wish the radio played real music like this instead of the ruckus everyone calls 'music' nowadays .


This is one of the greatest, most-loved album of my generation and here it is 40 years later and it has not gotten old in my rotation nor will it. Phenomenal musicians. Love these guys like family...better than family. Thank you for my Hometown soundtrack. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


I was shocked when I saw this didn't win album of the year. Then when i saw what it lost to (Rumors) it made sense. Still of the greatest albums ever made.


Great album. But for one song, thanks to Ian Anderson and Martin Barre from Jethro Tull.


gorgeous. love this album so much. my favorite is hotel california


Amazing album!!! Every song on here is great and it's one of the best albums ever!!! Buy this!!! Luv the Eagles!!!!

Writer and Drawer

I'm in high school, and we had to write an analysis paper on these lyrics. I immediately bought the song after we heard it in class because it was beautifully mysterious. An amazing song!


This is on my short list of desert island records. Every song is a classic from the title track to the last song. Besides the obvious, listen to "Try and love again" with Randy Meisner's overlooked vocals. Next to "Take it to the limit" one the Eagles best.


On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air *continue for 5 minutes* Best song ever. Better than the new "music" people listen to today. And I'm in middle school. Any music from the 60's to the 90's and most Weird Al Yankovic songs are the best. Not Miley Cyrus or iggy azalea's "songs"


Oh C’mon!!!!Who doesn’t love The Eagles?. Born in 1980 and was introduced to these guys by my older brother. Loved them then and appreciate them even more now after watching The History of The Eagles. Don Henley is hands down one of my favorite top male vocalist ever….rock, blues wrapped in soul is what I hear and feel.

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I was born August 1973. I have absolutely "LOVED" this song ALL MY LIFE... Since December 1976.

The guy in glasses

I love this song! This came out when I was 3. And now I tear my eyes out


Before my dad died he used to sing these songs to me and somehow this song hotel California stayed with me I am 13 and in love with this album and always in memory of my dad

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The best album by the best band of the best time in music period


Except for Don Henley, who is quite possibly the worst drummer in any major rock band, the music is fairly competant but the songs are the ramblings of misogynist cokeheads. Buy Fleetwoof Mac instead.


The music that was crafted by this band was embodied into one monument that makes it's mark in American history. This band is worthy of the name "The Eagles" because eagles soar above and beyond, and this band does just that and much more. With Glenn Frye and Don Henley's imaginative, symbolic lyrics and Joe Walsh's awing guitar solos, they make this music go above and beyond the true definition of music and lyrical poetry. With that said this is one of the greatest albums of all time and a definite buy at that.


I'm 14, and I have noticed that no one makes music like this anymore. Everyone now loves music made by ariana grande and iggy azalea, who just repeat the same stuff over and over. It's all crap that kids listen to now and days, but this music is amazing.

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Love it, great song!!!!!!


Hotel California is my favorite song by them ❤️❤️


Randy has such a great voice, and “Try And Love Again” is an often overlooked gem, as are many of his recordings.


A turning point for the Eagles…their country roots still intact, but heading in a more rock direction…changed the course for the band….and us! Great record beginning to end. What a classic with great song writing, vocals and guitar parts.


One of the best albums of all time. Probably my second or first favorite album of 1976 (Aerosmith's "Rocks" is awesome too). Hotel California, Life In The Fast Lane, and The Last Resort are all songs that should never be forgotten. Buy it.


maybe when im fifty ill like this, its just too slow and quiet even in 76 they had to stop playing cause black sabbath was too loud for them and it was coming thru the walls

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Don Henley amazing.joe Walsh

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I love hotel California


This was one of the first official albums i bought by the Eagles, it's a real gem. Hotel California is full of great tunes by one of the greatest rock bands ever i give this album 10 out 10 stars


I was 22 years old when this album came out.. Those were some of the best years of my life! Everytimne I listen to it, I go back. Especially love Meisner's "Try to Love Again". Fell in love again with a special girl with that song. Memories!