Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye

℗ 2014 Reprise Records

Hypnotic Eye Tracklist:


I had almost given up on T.P. & The Heartbreakers but this one is a great album from start to finish. Well done, boys.


Maybe Tom should ask Chris Stapleton for a little help writing and producing quality Rock music. From a long time fan, he has had much better music in the past.

Coach Lonster XVIII

His best album since Wildflowers and even better than the awesome Echo album. Flawless lyrics and Mike Campbell's perfect guitar playing let loose make this an album I'll still be playing in 20 years. Forgotten Man is my favorite.


Love the album makes me remember old school Petty sound. Bluesy, southern rock which is what hooked me back in the early days! Bravo!


I absolutely love this album.


This is old school petty with a twist. Track after track just beats the rock into you. Can't go wrong with Petty. Still looking for the extra track about "you know what"


You will not want to skip any tracks. It's really good. Tom Petty had so many great songs over the years and this whole album is great.

DeBois Family

What can one say about Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. They still rock and they seem to just keep getting better without selling out. Petty is Mr. Cool and this album once again proves he's the Man

the who57



Maybe I'll get to liking it after listening to it more. Some albums are like that. Love listening to Petty but am disappointed after first listen.


Classic TP as it is the mixture of new with classic Rock' n Roll!

Mustang Lover Jill

Was not sure to expect but after listening to the new album I love it. "All You Can Carry ", American Dream , Fault Lines and Red River are my favorites. Can't wait to hear these sings live in their upcoming concert.


At first I was like, eh, but it grew on me quick. 3 really good songs, several decent others. The Heartbreakers sound great. Tom is Tom. A legend.

Paddy G.

Such a great album. From start to finish it has all kinds of flow. Last time I remember somthing like this from Petty & the 'breakers was 1999's Echo. This one feels like it slots in around the Wildflowers/She's the One late 90s era but updated with wiser lyrics. Keep'em coming.


I absolutely love album in it's entirety. It was no shock to me when I read that it was Petty's first album to EVER reach #1 on the charts, and even more impressive, it reached #1 during its first week!


Ok, I'm a huge Tom Petty fan. I have all his albums and seeing him live in concert is on my bucket list. I suppose I'd like anything he released but for what it's worth, I think this album is fantabulous. (if that's a real word) I gave it a whirl on a 700 mile road trip last week and it's listenable (again, if that's a real word) from start to finish...


Love it.


This A&R man hears a LOT of singles on this one!

Ism's Thoughts

Really great effort from Tom and the HeartBreakers. Every song solid. Amazing when you can write, play and sing..... a rarity these days. I highly recommend for anyone looking for relief from today's banality.....


Tom never disappoints. This is one of his best. I particularly like "Fault Lines".


This is a solid offering from the group. I agree it may not be their best, but that's a pretty high bar for these guys. If your a Petty fan you'll enjoy this album. Can't wait to see them in West Palm next month. It will be my fifth time seeing them and that is where they always exceed expectations - Live!


The is “not” only Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers BEST CD ever! It is also my BEST CD of the year! LOVE it!

Thomas IB

20/20 eye sight!


First preview listen was enough to make me buy it. The entire album is great. I can’t remember the last time I liked an album this much, this fast. This record proves the old guys really do rule!


This is a great record from one of my absolute favorite bands. I love listening to this album. They still have it and can't wait to see them on tour. Fault Lines, All You Can Carry, Red River, Power Drunk, and American Dream Part B are my favorites but don't dislike any song on the album. Where are the ringtones? I need some Hypnotic Eye ringtones on my phone please!!!


all these guys do is put out good music it might not be on the radio but if you are a tom petty and the heartbreakers fan you will still enjoy this


I'm not really sure what I was expecting from Tom Petty and the gang but this delivery of awesome rock music didn't disappoint!


Its Petty through and through, I knew it was going to be good before I heard the first track. Its nice that once in a while high expectations are not only met, but exceeded.


Huge Tom Petty fan and the hits keep coming. This album won't disappoint you


Love it! Has that "cool Tom Petty vibe" that classic rock radio killed. It doesn't sound nostalgic, it sounds fresh and just really well crafted. Happy that he finally got a well deserved number 1 spot on the charts with this album, that alone helps reinstill my faith in American culture.


I've grown up with Tom Petty, dedicated fan since the late 80s. I'd give anything to say this album is great, but it's not. There's no new ground here, and frankly, most of the songs are boring. Petty's quirky and defiant style augmented his music in his prime, now he just seems tired.

Ken Macy

I have been a long time Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers fan for years. I was excited to hear about his new album and I gave the album a listen start to finish on vinyl. Lyrically it's lazy and not Tom's best: Not a lot of the "Classic" sing along songs we are used to. However, the band sounds in top form on the album and it's more of a "spacey"/"swamp rock" kind of album. I feel like the album was going in two different directions: 1) It sounds like the band took B sides or throw away songs from mojo and threw them on here and 2) the newer material seemed to be more fresh and focused. The album was recorder over 3 years and the more recent of the tunes sound the best. My favorite cuts include: "U Get Me High" (my favorite), "Forgotten Man" and "Fault Lines" Some cool riffs on the album and Mike Campbell plays awesome on the album along with the rest of the band. Overall I was hoping for something more but you can't really argue with the band's career: They have put out excellent albums over the years. Hopefully next time will be a blockbuster.


Those who can hear creativity that is good true and beautiful are having no trouble understanding the work product- Those hear an ego being offended, and thus must trash that which they could never uniquely create, are under the great "shadow spell", and like Mike Campbell hiding behind every great heartbreakers release, what is done will n o w exorcise even the darkest shadow, towards the hypnotic eye light- Good stuff-


Petty is always nothing if not consistent. The guy never puts out an album that doesn't have at least several solid songs on it. HYPNOTIC EYE, however, is easily the best Petty album since WILDFLOWERS, and probably the best one he's done with the Heartbreakers in well over 20 years...maybe longer. ECHO was a great album, but HYPNOTIC EYE blows that one out of the water. So many standout tracks here...most tight, rocking and catchy as hell. And, Mike Campbell, who's always great, is as good as he's ever been on this album. There is an undercurrent of politics on many of the tracks here. Nothing too overt. Petty is too smart for that. But, you can tell he's not happy with what he sees going around him in this country, and probably the world. Without being preachy, he gets his message across in several songs: "American Dream Plan B," "All You Can Carry," ""Power Drunk," "Burnt Out Town," and "Shadow People"-- which is a masterpiece. At 63, Petty has never been better. Rock on, Tom!


Can't stop listening!Going to see him in September.


time for this old timer to retire.

A & R Man

Seriously though.


This album is the truth! September 15th at Wells Fargo, Germantown will be represented!

NH lover

Love it all! Listened to it last night while sitting by the fire pit. Great mix of songs.


I expected better. After two full listens, the only songs worth listening to again are it's lead single "American Dream Plan B," as well as "Full Grown Boy," and Forgotten Man." And even these three songs are not "classic" Petty that I will gravitate toward 5 or 6 years from now. The last song I really enjoyed from the Heartbreakers proper was "Last DJ." Hypnotic Eye, like others have already said, has no hooks, or anything catchy about it. It really is just an album of B-Sides. I would agree that this is a rock and roll record, but I think it is way to swampy and bluesy for the average Heartbreakers fan. Where are the jingle jangle guitars that we're so accustomed to hearing on a Heartbreakers record? Where's the classic songwriting we're so used to? Where's the background vocals that round out the Heartbreakers sound? This album ranks just slightly above Mojo as their worst offering. You're gonna buy this album if you're a die hard, as I am, but I think the novice will pass.


Forgotten Man is good. Would be nice in concert too. Much respect for TP. Love his Buried Treasure show on Deep Tracks, his longevity, humor and continuation of carrying the torch for Rock. Which is pretty much dead. Anyway, first pass on these songs and it’s only so-so but who am I to knock TP? Like you: nobody.


One thing even a casual Petty fan can't deny: They change their sound often to keep it fresh. The reggae and blues overtones from Mojo, the depressed, low-key sounds of Echo, and even the swampy rock sounds of their entrance onto the scene over 30 years ago, and about everything in between, they stay fresh to numerous generations. Those who say it's the worst ever haven't heard "the last DJ album" (yikes), I wouldn't say it's their absolute best either, but it has a fresh sound that incorporates their indisputable musical talents. Pretty good stuff to this life-long fan of the group.


Sorry, big Heartbreakers fan and I have given this a few listens - an insult to say this is their best. I hate to say it but I would vote for worst. Still love the band but these songs are formula and boring - too bad, maybe next time?


I'm a big fan, but not much here. It listenable, but no great tunes with the hooks, melodies, and stories that I hoped for. Sounds like a collection of B sides!

Dennis Jay

I’m a huge Petty fan and had high hopes for a great piece of work, but frankly, this represents a sub-par performance in the songwriting department. It lacks energy, creativity and just not up to Tom’s great abilities. Some of the lyrics are downright mundane.

Jerry R

This album is instantly classic on the first listen. I cannot stop listening to it! Satisfys my TP requirements for a short time anyway. Can't wait for the next one!


Despite his recent anti-Christian comments, I gave it a try. Some high spots, but mostly forgettable. One consolation, he's not trying as hard anymore to sing like Dylan.


The new album from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers is simply put in three words: Rock And Roll. I've been a Petty fan for a long time and they have some great albums, but I would rank this one at the top. "U Get Me High" is an unbelievable track with great guitar riffs and Tom's vocal power. "American Dream Plan B" is definitely a national anthem for the America we live in now. "Power Drunk" is a powerful blues song, and the list goes on and on. For any Tom Petty fan, this is a must buy album.


I love the album. Best since Wildflowers. Great songwriting and the arrangements are clean, tight and creative. And they really showcase Mike Campbell's guitar playing - he really stepped up and owned it - not just in technical ability but also his feeling level and creativity. I guess it's true ... you never slow down , you never grow old... Who said that? :)