Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held

℗ 2005 Sub Pop

If Songs Could Be Held Tracklist:


Addictive, can't stop listening to this track..


She reminds me of Sara Bareilles. Or Sara Bareilles reminds me of her? They have simlar voices and type of music.


One of my favorite albums by beautiful heart felt Rosie. Great voice and instrumentals.


i love her music. this album is great!


I am blown away by this artist I just discovered in my iTune collection Today!! A mixture of such melancholy and soul reaching melodies.....thank you, Rosie for sharing your gift of voice, of music. Fondly, Kim


Her voice is so different. She is simply great. I could listen to her all day, everyday...and usually do.


I was also looking for Garth Brook's version of this song, but couldn't find it, so I bought this one. If this song shows up again under Garth, or Chris Gaines, I will buy it too.


This is my favorite Rosie Thomas album, and I have everything she's ever put out. This album is beautiful, honest, and raw. Her lyrics, haunting voice, and mesmerizing melodies never disappoint. Tracks to check out: Since You've Been Around, Pretty Dress, Guess It May, Time Goes Away, and Death Came and Got Me.

Kylie M. Williams

Rosie Thomas is brilliant. Her voice is so soft and gorgeous. I would say that my favorite of all of her songs is "Since You've Been Around". Listen to all of them though, there're Fantastic!


A+ Another outstanding release from Rosie. Take Sarah McLachlan and mix her with Jillian Welch and you have an idea.


This girl knows how to sing! She has an innocent and peaceful sound and her music makes me want listen to it over and over again! This CD is a must buy really!!! I reccomend Wedding Day and Since You've Been Around for first time buyers and you will want them all after that!

Rachel Loves Derby

I cannot believe how wonderful this album and Rosie Thomas are. She is such an undiscovered and over looked talent. This is my FAVORITE album. Please download it or listen to the clips. Refer your friends. Simply amazing.


This is the kind of music that is IMPOSSIBLE to dislike. With beautiful, flowing vocals and instrumental support, anyone with a heart can appreciate it.


These songs capture life...on lifes terms. Its not about what happens to you...its how you decide to handle what happens.Rosie has a tenderness in her voice that can soothe any heartache. Thanks Rosie!-Dave(soberone)


I really like the tone Rosie sets with this album. Reminds me of Keane...not really, but kinda.



This album absolutely takes my breath away! Her voice, lyrics, melodies, instrumentals --- perfect! This is officially in my top ten albums of all time...right next to Keri Noble's "Fearless." Check that out as well. Best Downloads--- It Don't Matter To The Sun, Since You've Been Around, Pretty Dress, Death Came and Got Me. Enjoy!


I think this album is SO great! Rosie's voice is so soothing and lovely. I have just been listening to this album on repeat the past few days. Great stuff!! I really like the song, Death Came and Got Me!! I recommend this album to everybody!!


The deep intelect involved in composing such a work is amazing; most of the songs include an understanding of everyday emotions and feelings. It is easy to relate to any of the songs; confusion, trust, understanding... There is a fine truth involved; a truth that slows ya down, makes ya remember, and forces the smile of understanding. My only qualm is that some of the vocals are hard to understand, but it fits with the style. Its one of the best albums that I have recently purchased!!


Wonderful songs! Rosie's the real thing. "Since you've been around" will be on my next mix - for sure.


Great lyrics - very thought provoking and sentimental. often emotional. reminiscent of sarah mclachlan- yet fresh and different. overall fantastic sound.


A fine album and a fine effort. As cathartic as I'm sure it was to write, it is to listen to. Good voice, great tone.


Fans and new comers of Rosie Thomas will love this record. It is her best produced recorder of yet, the music, her vocie, the construction of lyrics and melody is wouderfully thought out. Rosie has a way of reaching your heart and soul in a few powerful words and cords. Great Job Rosie!!! God Bless.


well this album is good for like taking a bath, and slitting your wrists (as MCR would say.) (my icons and heros) but its really sad and depressing. just like my life, its almost as good as my favorite song, stabby rip stab stab. peace