Dru Hill - Indrupendence Day

℗ 2010 Kedar Entertainment

Indrupendence Day Tracklist:


I love hearing the musical, vocal and lyrical growth within this group. Their maturity level grew as men and it's carried over into the music. The REAL R&B music is back!!! Bringing the classic sound of R&B to the today's sound effortlessly. I've been missing the conviction in songs when presented and I'm so happy The Hill is back! God bless guys!!


So disappointed in this album. A good group was put in the wrong producers hands.


The album great, I miss the old crew. The new guy is great. He shoulda been in the last album. Great album. Keep up the great work.

D Lane007

not crazy bout the album but the singles love md is amazing didint hear aything that matched or progressed after that!


It's not like old dru hill but you can still hear dru hill aspects in the music! I'm living this cd. Happy I bought it!