Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Facing Future

℗ 1993 Mountain Apple Company / BB

Facing Future Tracklist:


This album makes me happy and full of rainbows and hawaiin spirit! I'm always in the mood to listen.


A legend is someone that inspires people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. As a black man, this man inspires my very existence. I love his voice, his music, and his spirit. RIP King IZ😔

eli how

Love this music raw and emotional a must have for any music lover

lazzy punk66789

The best lullaby music and artist ever🌈🌠🌈😇😍😇!

D aniel

Fantastic. Can I say any more than this? Well I could also say "superb!" Thanks Iz

Hawaii Laura

I love Hawaiian music.

BiG cHuNgIsT

It’s 2019 and I’m still listening to this and anyone who hears this song instantly loves it only if he could’ve lived longer but his soul lays resting in Hawai’i


This isn’t a review. I purchased Over the Rainbow to add to a slideshow I made for my daughter’s birthday and it was blocked and removed from Instagram for “copyright issues” by “Die Supernanny...” My understanding is I can use such a song in this capacity because it’s not being used for profit. She’s only 15 and it’s one of our favorite songs due to it being a reminder of her grandmother who passed away. I have the ability to unblock, but I don’t want to face any issues. Can anyone advise? Thank you!

Benny the boi

What great songs. They are so powerful and made an impact on me. I strongly suggest these songs.


I just bought the album. I haven't even listened to all of the songs yet, just a few introductions. I'm writing this with happy tears welling up in my eyes. We just came back from our second trip to the magical rainforests and waterfalls of Maui, and this music is filling up my heart with Aloha all over again. Every time I need a reminder of all that is beautiful in this world, I'm going to play this album. Live with Aloha and Mahalo! Love and gratitude, always. 🌺

αωєѕσмє gαмєя101

GREAT! I love it and I think he is a very talented singer 🎤


So sweet and dear. Lovely music, and Somewhere over the rainbow makes me think of my daughter, who first shared this with me. Thank you IZ.

Dan Navarra

A truly beautiful and outstanding album, by one of Hawai’i’s most famous and beloved artists. White Sandy Beach is pure magic. Just buy it.


His music was a great find.......


His music is so pure and so heart-centered, such a gift.


I think iz Is the best soothing melody my favorite is over the rainbow


I am not really into this type of music but when I found this song it just felt it and relaxing


I Love it. This big fat men. Nice Artist.


Iz has an angles voice


The best in the world singer….an incredible powerful song!

Punky c

great music and a great voice!

Maggie, Samntha

BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!

World Music g

Such a lovely version so unforgettable ... He has left a precious gift. This song fills the spirit in ways words do not ... This was achieved through his beautiful spirit I'm so grateful to find this song! Eternal voice of an angel

wonder mama

One of my favorite albums! His love for his home is hauntingly beautiful.


just get it you will not be disappointed..i got it as a valentines gift and just can’t stop listening to it. Iz had an awesome voice and his songs tell a story that make you happy, sad, and just wonderful.. sad that he has passed like many good people.. mahalo nui loa..malama pono a hui hou..Braddah Iz

Walt Jr's backpack

Thanks so much for this.

Trevor inc

Every su=ince i was a kidd i love this song over the rainbow.

Mushing mulla

Just something I love to chill and listen too while I'm going to sleep


I was going to create An instrumental version of this when I got married to walk down the aisle to, back in 2005, but I couldn't get it ready in time. SUCH a great and HAPPY medley of songs.

Jocko Worthington

If you are looking for the authentic sound of Hawaii in a more modern version, this is immensely pleasureable. Enchanting.


amazing song


The second I heard the introduction I was flipping out!

Allyis awesome

Buy the album. It is a fantastic and timeless masterpiece.


I know this album and artist are highly regarded and have received stellar views, but I guess Iz's style is just not for me. I found the tune selections ("Take Me Home Country Road"?) arrangements, and performances uninspiring, even cheesy. I wanted to like this and tried hard to, but didn't succeed.

Ghost Buster Fan 101

This song just makes me cry just listening to it. RIP :(


Every time i listen to his cover somewhere over the rainbow i cry. It is that beautiful.

Blasted Frogs

We love to listen to IZ when we're in Hawaii in our Cabana with iPhone. When we're home in California playing IZ brings back the memories of relaxing on the Beach.


Gorgeous, soothing. What more can one say, really? Just play it again, please.


I love his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It's very unique. He combined it with What a Wonderful World which made it even better. We really need more singers like him. I hate that he died :c According to Wikipedia he died from obesity. RIP Never judge a book by its cover.


IZ is an amazing person who wrote an amazing song. Who ever gives this one star has no soul to music and life.


His music is beautiful and soothing! Way better than any modern day pop singer. I highly recommend this! I don't see why people can even give this less than 4 stars. People don't respect real music nowadays, an that is just sad. RIP IZ


I love the original, but what a great remake.


Iz's beautiful voice evokes a feeling of sweet aloha I felt living on Oahu. Memories of the breathtaking views, the history of the Hawaiian people, the legacy he leaves behind in his music....


I first bought this CD in Hawaii in 2000. but today I am babysitting and this is the only music that will sooth her, so I am buying it again. I can't find my CD :( but she will be happy :)

Fun on the go



I dance hula, and we dance to his music. Wow, he is amazing. How did he such a young age...


As I learn how to play his music on my ukulele I gain respect for this man he was taken to early but his music will live on. It is relaxing n comes from the heart as music should. This is one of the most talented Hawaiian musicians I have heard and is my favorite to listen to and play. If u love IZ learn how to play the ukulele and spread his music because it is truly one of a kind.

Dr. Seven

Hawai'i 78 has such a powerful, evocative melody (and message) that it is in a class of its own. I'd love to know if any other Hawain artists might have similar style music. The melody is so haunting and beautiful! It expresses the sacredness of the islands. This song mirrors the pain and anguish experienced by Native Americans at the loss of their sacred lands as well.