Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony

℗ 2020 Roc Nation, LLC

A Written Testimony Tracklist:

Megatron Sean

I think people just revel in being negative. This album is decent. Not a decade worthy wait but this is faaaaaarrrrr from being a terrible album. -Stay black cocksucka


Track after track, this album is hot! The depth of lyricism throughout this album is refreshing in this day and age. The synergy between Jay-Z and Jay Electronica create a lyrical flow that is seamless. Great artistry!


It was worth the wait. Thank you Jay and JAY-Z for this album.


Travis Scott? Really? On a supposed "real" hip hop album? And the dream? Is this a rap album or an r&b album lol. And to think these people waited 10 years for this 10 track album lol, but hey what can you expect from a album from the label of the overrated wack sellout jay z? This looks like one of those overrated kanye west albums from 2018 lol, it's like these rappers nowadays are scared to work with other actual rappers ffor fear of getting outrapped on their own track. That's why I don't really check for mainstream or mainstream wannabe underground rap like this, I listen to guys like Locksmith, Drroog and Nehru because they can actually spit and don't need all these gimmics and cosigns and promotion to sell their music and they can hold their own against other rappers.


Ever since I heard Exhibits A and C I've been hooked. His versatile flow swings between the smoothness of an aged bourbon and grittiness of extra course sandpaper are hypnotic. Unfortunately, this comes off as Jay-Z's attempt to recoupe some of the money he paid Jay Electronica to sign to Roc. Shiny Suit Theory has been on the internet for about a decade. I doubt that any of this material is new and it sounds more like a poor attempt to sequence a mixtape. I am very disappointed.

A marked man

This what happens when you wait till you are 43 years old to release a debut hip hip album. He’s out of touch with the times and Jay Elec is on like 30% of the album. Jay-Z dominates the entire album and it seems like Jay E didn't even want to put this out. This should be called Allah is King as it is basically a gospel album ala Kanye’s last outing because the bulk of the themes are about the Muslim religion. That has already been done better from other artists like Brand Nubian, PRT, X-Clan and Brother Ali so he isn’t saying anything new. Also the first track is just Farrakhan talking and Shiny Suit Theory was released 10 years ago. So it’s basically 8 songs of new material. Should have just been a mixtape.


Too much anticipation so it’s not hot as one would expect but a great body of work nonetheless. This is definitely an album that needs to be heard from start to finish.

Carl Crofton

Really good production


Such a weird and boring alum. I dont get why everyone is so obsessed with him

champ from d.c.

Album of the year … Beautiful poetry and the production is next level.


Top 3 Flux Capacitor Universal Soldier The Blinding


But as a hip hop album this is pretty garbage, even Jay verses were whack, all that hype for nada!


All these Jay-Z / Jay Electronica off-beat conspiracy raps are trash. I was expecting this to be sooo much better

Cocal Mocal

I really liked it




Good things only happen to those who has the good thoughts of it


hot as a steaming pile of crap. waste of money


Dude can rap. But no this. I guess I expected more. Should’ve been titled J&J

King far

What more can I say but The Black Man is God


Let’s face it, Jay Electronica fooled us all... Please stop lying to yourselves people, this album is straight trash. Jay-Z’s presence on this long-awaited, so called debut album is waaay too heavy (and, in most instances, not particularly beneficial or wanted), with Jay-Z even absurdly delivering the album’s first verse. The production on this album sounds quite amateur, despite all of it’s big name producers, with a song like Flux Capacitor being what I’d consider laugh-out-loud, comically whack. Also, if you’re only gonna have 10 songs on an album after keeping people waiting a decade plus, every song better be a banger, and this album doesn’t come anywhere even close to that. On the bright side, we can now rank Jay Electronica where he rightfully deserves to be in hip-hop history, which is a rank so ridiculously low that his name no longer warrants further mentioning.........




great album

88 is back

Excellent album. Wish it was more tracks but.....y’all keep saying watch the throne2. Wrong. This goes back further and way deeper. Think jaz-O and jay-Z(originators)Many forget jay came in the game on an Islamic feel. Do your research.

B. Hal

This dude is light years ahead . A modern day Miles Davis. Most wont even know/understand what they’re hearing . “When I lay down in my bed it’s like my head is in a vice.”-The Blinding. I felt that in my soul. God Bless u my brother


Jay E is a dope Mc but this album is super underwhelming. Especcially with all the hype he had in the early days. Exhbit A&B better then this whole debut album. He really needed some just Blaze Alchemist , and some Apllo Brown beats .

Side Walk Slim

Would've respected it more if they packaged it and sold it for was it actually is which is a joint venture. Jay Z is all over the album it takes away from the luster. It would be safe to assume that Jay Electronica isn't capable of putting out a solo project he needs the assistance.


I wish I never spent money on this album It should’ve could’ve been a lot better

rap realest

Very disappointed with how out of place Jay z sounded listened to the entire album and only liked the track with Travis Scott that’s the track y’all did great on it was on point but the rest was sloppy.


Stupendous display of artistry, this is for the culture...for the people Some will get it now, others later, either way Pay Homage now 🤲🏽


It’s so amazing every now and again a great rap album drops this is it!


Touch of gold


Real Hip Hop don't die; they multiply.


Somehow this lived up to the hype


If Jay Elect never makes another record he has blessed us with a timeless masterpiece


Been waiting for this for a decade. Well worth it


This that 🔥. True lyricism at its finest. Not like that weirdo rap that’s around now. Jay elect always raises the bar. 🏁


Ashe Ashe. Sir, your words give me strength!

Big Rob G 😎

Elite level MCing!!!! 🙌🏽


Jay & Jay are so 3020.. So ahead of the game..




Definitely high quality music/bars/ production etc. some would say having Jay OK basically the entire album is a C cop out/ultimate cheat code.




The watch the throne 2 we never got from Kanye west and Jay z 🔥




Come on guys this is what y’all came up with. Jay-Z why would you affiliate with this terrible project.

Kingkevin _awesome

this is horrible i don’t recommend


Hot Garbage!! They should apologize to Soulja Slim’s family for that God Awful song!!




Debut album featuring HOV, Man this is Highway robbery!!


Not that good