Jhené Aiko - Chilombo

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Chilombo Tracklist:


i love this woman

she plays games

Her voice is angelic! An everyone can’t relate to her.... I love love this Cd


Jhene has been progressing artistically and musically. The production is fantastic. Her vocals have also improved tremendously since her mixtapes. Highlights for me (other than singles) are B.S., Party For Me, Tryna Smoke, 10k Hours, and Lightning & Thunder.


Great body of work!


a tad bit repetitive but I loved it


Big ups to this unique album. From start to finish the sounds balances your inner being. For that I’m appreciative of. For an artist to look deeper into sound therapy is wonderful. Thank you So much and continue achieving! You never disappoint 💪🏾


I love this album 🙌🏾


Nice voice and grooves, ruined by obscene lyrics.


Does anybody really listen to this chick's music? Her and sean are good for each other because they're both mediocre music artists.

Ki_iiNG mURR



This album is nothing short of amazing


This album was the most simplistic, boring, sleep content filled album ever. How does she constantly make this music she should title it sleepy time

Suicide doe

She reminds of a cross between Sade and Aaliyah..imagine her on some Timberland beats


I love this body of work. Congratulations Jhene you brought it. On repeat.

Crystal M~T

I love this album!!!


Ok first of all to everyone on here saying that this album is boring y’all just have horrible taste in music y’all don’t know good music y’all like hype music, but anyways I’m soo happy for jhene she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves this album was truly amazing 💛💛


This album is food for your soul!!! First time listening to Jhené and I’m obsessed with her. Bless your ears and listen to this masterpiece ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Standard boring whispery sad girl R&B. I’ll be glad when this trend ends.


Great album!!! Soulful music!


Beautiful, raw, flowing, and seamless album


This album is the new soul/R&B project to beat. It’s beautiful, intelligent, and elevates this kind of music to something more modern and tangible. 10/10 Jhene at her best


If you’re a real Jhene fan the you won’t be disappointed ❤️ love every song! Smooth, chill vibes


This album makes me feel confident and calms me down, It’s such a vibe, I love it!!🧚‍♀️💜


I love every single song 💜💜💜! Can’t wait to see you in June😍


Another masterpiece. Literally. She is truly underrated af but some of the best artists are. One of the most cohesive albums I have ever heard: Beautiful and deep lyrics, calm and relaxing beats. Makes you want to just close your eyes and lay by the beach and fade away in her beautiful voice. <3


Expected nothing less than an album that could be left on repeat for days!!!


You are the definition of life... I can’t understand how relatable you are ,how your voice speaks the thoughts of sooo many women that have been broken, mended, or just have sustained ,sealed back with shattered pieces ...you have touched my soul since the very first time I’ve heard your voice ; is and I thank you for speaking from my soul (my confidences, My weaknesses, my faults, my burdens, my light 💙 thank you Jhené 💙💪🏽👊🏾💁🏽‍♀️🥰


Not when there’s a prophet

King Goldmagic

Good music


Would have been great without her singing. Sounds are sweet but too much profanity it doesn’t fit them. I hear the spiritual sound she picked up from Hawaii but her lyrics are a disgrace to the culture. Good voice though but unnecessary f this and that! My opinion.


Forever my favorite, I love every single album and almost every single song. Her music is so unique and this album once again proves that.


This album is for all the hurting/ hurt men & women that had acidic rs w/others. The growth, understanding, and peace that has come overtime...WHEW CHILE 😩 just listen to them especially #PrayForYou . Great job Jhené ‼️❤️🥳

J.R. Keys

As expected, she came through with this one. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I was really excited when I saw Jhene dropped a new album but man, I’m really left wanting. Pretty boring overall. I miss Souled Out Jhene.


This woman is everything 😩😍❤️❤️❤️


Jhené, you feed my soul🕊


Jhené might be one of the most underrated lyricists of our generation. All of the songs on this album except for one started out as freestyles. She has truly grown as an artist from her “Sailing Soul(s)” mixtape and she only gets better.


Has done it yet again🔥🔥🔥🔥


Jhené is that bish!!!! This album is 🔥 S/o to Micah and his expensive melodies too!!




I have never been a huge fan of Jhene, but this is absolutely stunning. One of the best contemporary r&b albums I’ve ever heard. I think I may be a fan now. She is almost up there with H.E.R and Daniel Ceaser for me. I really don’t understand the critics saying it’s “boring.”


everybody saying it’s “boring” tf y’all talken bout i think u mean beautifully crafted and peaceful. she got the voice of an angle. respect dat🔥❤️


She sexy AF


Who is this?


It’s healing cool and mellow. Makes me elicit a lot of lost emotions from that time. Great for soothing those rough bad days! I’m down wit it!!


I'm usually for a shorter tracklist-- 15 songs max. I find with longer tracklists like this, a few songs are extremely similar and skippable; you've heard it once on the album, no need to again. Not to say Jhene's talent didn't shine through! You can definitely see the progression in her vocals-- her runs, range, and soul all shined. I have a favorite 5 or 6 tracks from the album. A long tracklist tends to feel a little more impersonal; more a list of songs than the journey I like conveyed in an album. But amazing talent overall!!! Great job Jhene!!!


Chicken soup for the vulnerable soul.


Same old beats same old same old Same same same same


She did it again.


Her voice is soothing, the album is great for real Jhené fans.

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