Eagles - Legacy

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Legacy Tracklist:


Unlike most of the judgemental people on here, I DON'T already own all of this. I realize they've released greatest hits albums a few times, but if you go and look through most artists that have been around for any actual length of time they all do the same thing. I am very happy to have ONE COLLECTION that has everything Eagles that anyone could ever need. Even comes with bonus material thats nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Don't pay attention to the other people that have nothing good to say about most likely anything. This is a great collection from a great band and is very reasonably priced.


The Collection downloads with NO Song Title Metadata.

John Jones

How many times are they going to sell the same material?


This is the music that all of us Eagles fans love. Yes, probably a lot of us have it already, but for many that do not have ALL of it this is the end all be all set. It's got every thing in it, all the studio albums, the two live albums, the DVD of Hell Freezes Over and the a Bluray of the Farewell I Tour, the Millenium Concert, along with some single edits if you're into that sort of thing. For those of us that have it all, I doubt the remaster is worth the pricetag. For anyone that doesn't have everything, here's your ticket.

Doc Barta

This is all the eagle songs some of remasters are better then the originals others about same! Unfortunately nothing new give 3 stars!

blues r us

These guys already have more money than God but still thought it necessary to sue the pathetically poor Hotel California in the town of Todos Santos Mexico for copyright infringement. Can't take it with you gents--at least Glen Frey has learned that much.

LilCo Eli

I noticed all the low ratings. Yes we all have this music and its all 5 star music but maybe a 1 star relaese for most but there are people out there that dont have any of this music or bits and pieces so in that respect its 5 star

Not happy with update.

Go out and buy some decent music. This stuff is terrible.


I was going to ask Why??? but another reviewer beat me to it.

I will be heard

I hope no one is stupid enough to buy this


money grabbing scheme - period. We all have these.


uneeded compilation.