UPPERROOM - Live from Upper Room

℗ 2016 Upper Room Music


As a worshiper and proclamator of The Word (Jesus), this is my go to album for entering into His presence. I listen to this entire album at least twice daily. It will bring focus to your time with our Father, our Savior, and our Advocate. ENTER IN, EXPERIENCE HIS PRESENCE, AND BE BLESSED!


This kind of organic worship connects you to The Father.

Beau maddox

It's been a while since a album has got to my heart as quickly as this one! Thanks upper room for being unapologetic in your passion for Jesus! It's felt and loved!


You can feel the heartbeat of the Lord on this record! Authentic and heart felt worship that is all about His presence and ministering to His heart!

Price G.

The UR worship crew created something truly powerful. A spirit filled album that pushes to the heart of worship.

jj lakes

this album doesn't. sound or feel like any other. i can feel the heartbeat of the community. its raw and beautiful. im in love with it.


This album releases the sound of pure worship, it's authentic and raw. I'm proud to be apart of such amazing amazing community and family. Do yourself a favor and get this record.


This is the sound of our family. There is an overwhelming excellence in this. You can feel the depth of history in these songs. The spontaneous moments will change the way you come in with God. Every musician wrote the songs they sang. This is a monument to God's faithfulness.


So amazing. You can feel it!!!!!!!


Swag audio for my eardrums


This absolutely made me cry. God's presence is so tangible on this album. Just amazed at what Father is doing in this hour!!

C- section

It's not just the music that makes this album amazing- it's the passionate people in the background. The congregation gets worship and the importance of lifting the name of Jesus UP!

jack's super cool mom

Enter into the powerful presence of the Lord to worship & praise Him with this amazing collection of songs & watch your life be transformed. He is worthy!


This album comes from a community in Dallas, Texas that have made their goal a simple one: to love on Him. To minister to His heart. To make it ALL about Him. This album is full of songs that speak, sing directly to Him and share the process of how everything's changes when you catch His eyes. Seriously, it's the sound of family coming together in Freedom.


This is incredible. If you download this album you won't regret it. It's the throne room of heaven on earth. I think The Arch angel gabriel is playing the bass for the band. The glorious father satisfies our heart every time so I will praise him forever because he is faithful and I'll declare God you are. So hallelujah, Jesus come be the center because you've always been. Shaba

Reagan Holmes

Been waiting on this album since I first heard about it! It's amazing 👏🏻👍🏻


Time with the Lord hasn't been the same. Every song and every lyric spoke to my spirit! I will praise Jesus forever!!!! So glad these songs are here!