Morrissey - Low In High School

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Low In High School Tracklist:


Morrissey Studio Album Songwriters: Viva Hate: Stephen Street 12 of 12 Kill Uncle: Mark Levin 8 of 10, Clive Langer 2 of 10 Your Arsenal: Alain Whyte 8 of 10, Mark Levin 2 of 10 Vauxhall and I: Alain Whyte 6 of 11, Boz Boorer 5 of 11 Southpaw Grammar: Alain Whyte 6 of 8, Boz Boorer 2 of 8 Maladjusted: Alain Whyte 7 of 11, Boz Boorer 3 of 11, Corbin 1 of 11 You are the Quarry: Alain Whyte 8 of 12, Boz Boorer 4 of 12 Ringleader of the Tormentors: Alain Whyte 6 of 12, Jesse Tobias 5 of 12, Michael Farrell 1 of 12 Years of Refusal: Alain Whyte 5 of 11, Boz Boorer 4 of 11, Jesse Tobias 2 of 11 World Peace is None of Your Business: Boz Boorer 5 of 12, Jesse Tobias 5 of 12, Gustavo Manzur 2 of 12 Low in High School: Boz Boorer 4 of 12, Jesse Tobias 2 of 12, Gustavo Manzur 4 of 12, Mando Lopez 2 of 12 I did all this dang work to show that post Alain is slacking... But Back on the Chain Gang is fantastic.

Duped me

As a lifelong fan it pains me to say that I hope this is his last album. It is clear to me by the ratings this has received that his most dedicated fans have either lost all objectivity or have gone tone deaf. His counterculture rhetoric has become tiresome and it plainly panders to his younger generational fan base.


Beware, though, the songs "Spent the Day in Bed" and "Jacky's Only Happy," and "I Wish You Lonely" are IMPOSSIBLE to get out of your head...I even wake up with the endless repeat, lol. Those who have followed Morrissey's career will be truly impressed by this latest effort, and while we should all be well aware Morrissey has his detractors, I hope that everyone sees through some of the reviews on here and A M A Z O N. Countless reviews all over the web seem to have the exact same precurser, similar to "I have the entire Smiths & Morrissey catalougue"to feign some sort of credibilty...and followed with some rant about how terrible this album is. VERY transparent & you all should choose a less intelligent group of fans to believe you. One needs only to go to Y O U T U B E to listen to any of these songs and you will be back here to buy immediately. I must say, he gets better with age and live is just as good if not better. Keep on keeping on Morrissey!


I was at first quite critical of this album, but I have come around to the view that this is arguably Morrissey’s best album since Your Arsenal. Morrissey has released a disciplined, poignant and musically adventurous album that asserts a solid point of view from the opening track in both music and lyrics, and then advances that thesis for the remaining eleven tracks. Musically, Morrissey’s band explores new territory beyond the comfort of jangle pop on a record that sounds better played loud. My love, I’d Do Anything For You opens the album with a swaggering punch between the eyes. Morrissey uses the track to outline the overarching themes of the album that reflect not only the rage many people are feeling about the state of the world today in both the international and domestic arenas, but also in the apathy Morrissey seems to feel hinders better prospects for the future. He is critical of the way the societies that have deployed military overseas and militarized police on their streets, have disassociated themselves from the repercussions these aggressions while looking for feel-good distractions from those brutal acts which are committed on their behalf. These themes remain consistent throughout the entire album. The Girl from Tel Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel seems to be about hegemonic imperialism and an individual who is willing to stand up to it. While Morrissey borrows from the writings of Etty Hillesum, the victim of the holocaust who famously writes, "The sky is full of birds, the purple lupins stand up so regally and peacefully, two little old women have sat down for a chat, the sun is shining on my face - and right before our eyes, mass murder... The whole thing is simply beyond comprehension." This passage encapsulates the heart of this album. Moreover, Morrissey plays a gender switch and personally inhabits the character as representative of himself as he feels he has, throughout his career, stood up to critics, record companies, tabloids, governments and norms. He feels he has been true to himself without compromise. This may be the linchpin of the album. In an era where rock music has largely abdicated its legacy as social provocateur (It says nothing to me about my life), and when even a few in hip-hop dare venture into sensitive issues, Morrissey has delivered a salient and disciplined political album with a very strong and cohesive thesis that fearlessly confronts our modern truths with urgency and forces us to reflect on why we allow these truths to perpetuate. He chastises us all for seeking easy distractions from these issues instead of calling for the heads of those responsible. He makes us question why, in an era of runaway warfare against innocent civilians at home and abroad, so few artists in music dare to address these themes head on if at all. Where has the outrage gone? Have we become so complacent or defeated to allow the current state of affairs to become the status quo? Low in High School is a daring thematic and stylistic departure for Morrissey and for the genre. I feel this is an album that has not been more thoughtfully evaluated by critics who seem to dismiss Morrissey outright without a careful consideration of his music. This is an album that will later be reevaluated and reassessed as a classic in the canon of Morrissey. Thematically speaking, this is Morrissey’s hip-hop album.


Top Mozzer


Fantastic revelations in every song


The album reminds you of an old fashion LP. I highly suggest you download the whole album instead of just a song or two. My review is broken down by side A and side B. If you’re looking for Morrissey to recapture The Smiths sound, this isn’t your album. Morrissey has a great band and there’s a lot of things going on musically. He’s still an artist who’s expanding and evolving his influences. The album is the first with new bassist Mando Lopez, who proves to be the best bassist Morrissey’s had since Andy Rourke. It’s also his most sexually charged album, and the hills are no longer alive with celibate cries. Side A The opening track is full on glam rock, one of Morrissey’s heaviest songs, and one of his best. The band makes a statement that it is to be taken seriously. Next up, “I Wish You Lonely”, another strong heavy track that I think would have been a better single than “Jacky’s.” “Jacky’s Only Happy” is a good pop song, somewhat hindered by Morrissey’s strained vocals in the first part of the song. The second half is great. Then comes “Home is a Question Mark,” which is like a sequel to “Late Night, Maudlin Street.” It’s such an amazing song, but Morrissey has a bit of Howard Stern to him, where he adds shock value that isn’t necessary. Such a beautiful track, and then the unfortunate lyric in the outro of “wrap your legs around my face just to greet me” seems contrived. Next up is the first single, At its best, “Spent the Day in Bed.” It’s a wonderfully produced track that you’ll want to put on repeat. Like several songs on the album, the second half of the song is better than the first half. The lyrics are a bit weak by Morrissey’s standards, but improve as the song progresses. “I Bury the Living” is a lengthy track, sonically similar to a Pink Floyd track. It “scatters gloom” and challenges the idea that a soldier doesn’t deserve blame because he is only following orders. Side B “In Your Lap” opens side B and it’s mostly just piano/synths and Morrissey. It sounds nothing like the first side of the album, much more subdued. Gustavo Manzur on keyboards is prominently featured in the second side, and when “The Girl from Tel Aviv who wouldn’t kneel”, it sounds almost like a later Leonard Cohen track. Unlike any Morrissey song in his extensive repertoire, this song is a bit of a polka! But it’s a great track, with lyrics like “all of my friend are in trouble” and “the land weeps oil.” Next up is “All the Young People must Fall in Love” and it sounds a bit like a dueling piano bar. Musically it’s a unique track, with instruments starting, stopping, retuning etc. Not the strongest track, but still good. “When You Open Your Legs” has a strong intro but drags on a little too long. “Who will Protect us from the Police” is a sonically brilliant track about police brutality and is likely to keep him from returning to Venezuela anytime soon. The closing track, “Israel” features more Gustavo and Morrissey’s voice is beautiful throughout, and his range continues to improve which each album.


Every Track is great! I keep listening to this over and over. All of Morrissey's Albums are awesome, but he raised things to a new level with this one. Great job!


Morrissey has always meant a lot to me. His words, his politics, his sarcasm—all enchant me. I am happy that he is better, and I am happy he continues to create, but don’t tell him because it may make him retire.


Another great Morrissey album. Thank you!


Thank god Morrissey continues to produce. Not regurgitate the past just for a buck nor toss out crap for a quickie. It's well crafted as always. His voice has been well preserved. No matter what anyone says, he won't stop creating and that's really the point!


I listened to this album 4 times in a row and kept growing more distant with each listening. Morrissey is a god but this album is not godlike.

TX 007

Better artists out there to spend money on.


So glad he’s still at it :) I will always support him for all he’s done for us. As for Moz’s questionable opinions: I don’t expect to agree with someone 100% of the time. You shouldn’t either.

D gray boy


Ryan Dellwood

I own all The Smiths music they have released, and much of Morrissey's catalogue, and while it feels giving a one star review, it is deserved. Morrissey hasn't had a proper release in twenty-odd years . The '90s were great for him, as were the '80s right when he left The Smiths. I don't find one song listenable, and if it were anyone else, I would not give them a try. This is a very bad album, although the last one "World Peace..." was just as bad. He can craft a terrific pop song with witty lyrics, but he hasn't done so in over two decades.

ThrillRacer, Esq.

Morrissey never dissapoints. He always delivers high quality albums that are artistic, creative, interesting, romantic, witty, catchy, cool, etc. I think he tries to make people uncomfortable to a point too. Yet a song like "All the Young People Must Fall in Love" is so perfect it should be played in heavy rotation on commercial radio, but never will be, not just because it rightfully mocks the US government, but because the ruling elite are corrupt and have been threatened by Morrissey for a long time and that's what makes him so awesome and loveable.


Without apology, I am a fan and I like every album he has put out and LIHS sounds classic Morrissey. I absolutly love it. Every song is so well crafted and written that it takes me back to the younger years of Moz and his early solo days. Fantastic album that will hold its weight with true fans like me and millions of others.

Coach Lonster XVIII

Love it!!!

spooka lou

I love Morrissey and the Smiths, but this album is bad. Morrissey has not really put out a great album in 20 years. World Peace was not very good, but at least it had a glimpse of hope with Staircase at the University and The bullfighter dies. I am sorry, but, this album is terrible. I know longtime Morrissey Fans will love anything he puts out, but c'mon, i think the lights is going out!


The abulm is a monotone, monotonous, and frankly boring collection of withering agnst. Where is the whit and catchy melodies? As titled, IMO this is the worst solo ablum to date. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road for Moz.


If Morrissey could be any less talented or original, he'd be Justin Bieber. It's time to stop, Morrissey. You're not good.


Nothing really rocks. Spent the Day in Bed is OK, but still pale compared to much of his catalogue.

punctured bicycle

I'm spending the day in bed to celebrate this great new single from "low in high school", can't wait for the rest of the album and tour!!! Viva Moz!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ New Album finds Morrissey wide awake in bed Contemplating the World as he so adeptly sees it with a brilliant backing of Music for now and all ages!!! Clearly the only true Genius at work/play with anything provocative to say and he’s been doing so since The Smiths❤️💙❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🌹🇬🇧🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧☮️🇺🇸🎼🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸☮️💙❤️💙❤️☮️🇬🇧🇺🇸🎸🇬🇧🎸🇺🇸⚾️💙☮️🎉🎼❤️🎸 Bloody Good Sound Recording!!!!

Steh from Staly

Maybe the album'll grow on me but on first listen I couldn't wait for it to be over. After creating so many masterpieces over the decades it seems only fair that Morrissey should be forgiven this cliched, crotch obsessed forgettable nonsense and remembered as the national tresure he undoubtedly is.


Wow! This is terrible. I own every song The Smith’s and Morrissey ever recorded including bootlegs. Boring blowhard pontificating drivel throughout. I hope he can come back from this mess. Disappointing is an understatement.

Hillcrest SD

Ever since The Smiths debuted way back in 82 or 83 I have Loved this most Charming Man. He is witty, poetic, gorgeous, funny, serious and absolutely the best singer/ songwriter to ever grace music. I am one of those people who can never get enough of his beautiful singing voice. The new song is outstanding as I am sure the album will be as well. Still 2 months away.... I can't take it! November will definitely spawn a monster !!


Morrissey is back and in sharp fighting form. This album is taut and timely.


Moz somehow manages to remain and sound fresh. He moves forward with this album and evolves but also traces back to older roots. Strong lyrically and makes many profound political statements. In these dark themes he expresses he also manages to add humor as only he can. Very interesting as well instrumentally as the music at points sounds haunting and goes well with the lyrics. I enjoy the album more every time I listen. Thanks Moz


Absolutely loving the new material and am so proud of him and the band!! 👏🏼


Fantastic record. Stop watching the news and start listening to Moz.

Megan 0571

Pretentious wank o’whining narcissism that will fade by next week.


Saw my first Morrissey concert 26 years ago in Santa Barbara, CA when I was 16 years old and have been in love with Morrissey (and The Smiths) and his voice and lyrics and personality ever since. Just saw him in concert last night in AZ after a 20-year gap. and he was amazing. So happy for new great songs to have stuck in my head. ❤️ U Moz!


Smart and aggressive are two terms that come to mind when listening to this album. Definitely a new classic in the Morrissey catalog.


This guy has been singing the same vocal melody for decades. Someone please give him a cheeseburger.


Listened to the entire album once through and loving it. Some really nice surprises. Excellent record.


Morrissey is one of the rare true artists in music today. He's been crooning with his uncanny wit, lovely eek & riah, since the early '80's with The Smiths and as shown here, he's still got it! LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL is another classic from start to end. I'm loving the new Smiths box set reissue of The Queen Is Dead & am thrilled to have another ace record from Moz as an early x-mas present! He's released two great singles already from Low In High School, and as always the B-sides are just as stellar, including a live Ramones cover! I PRAY he releases his cover of "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" which is astounding & would surely be a cross genre hit, a la the King himself. And thanks Moz for continuing to "Sing the songs that save our lives." ~ ~ Stuck Alone In Daddy's Estate ~ ~


So glad Morrissey is back! His voice is still amazing and takes me back to the good old days!

Noodles Aronson

Wonderful song. And the voice!




Back with some bangers🔥🔥🔥


2 of the first 3 singles (Jacky and Day in Bed) are superb, right up there with any Moz solo stuff imo. Really looking forward to the rest of the LP.


With each album he out does himself truly my musical idol and a living legend


I've listened to this song 2-3 time per day since it came out... LOVE IT! Can't wait to get my hands on the whole album (i will be buying 3 copies!), and see Morrissey live! MORRISSEY FOREVER!!!

Sleep apnea222

Welcome back hopes this means you'll stay a while. Love the single can't wait to hear the rest!

hello $#@

After recent Moz press i was worried but it all comes together when you hear the lyrics and music. Still out there doing his Moz thing and still amazingly pure to himself !

Befuddled in 2013

I'll buy the album when it comes out--despite this single. His voice is just as lovely as ever, and when he repeats, "Time, do as I wish," the magic is there--then gone.. I don't know, Morrissey. I just can't stay in bed because I've made a commitment to this world: I believe in what I'm trying to do with my job. I watch and read the news as a critical thinker. There's just something so self-indulgent about this song, so removed from real life while it fancies itself rebellious. It doesn't feel like one day in bed; it feels like a lifetime. This is like Charles Foster Kane in his rotting Xanadu. Plus, there's that little electronic curlicue in the song--what is that horror?


Ughhhh! This is awful! The lyrics are flat, the tone is deaf, it completely lacks imagination, it is as predictable as the Nightly News programming that he professes to be railing against. THIS IS AWFUL! This track is utter rubbish. Someone (his manager maybe) needs to stop kissing his arse and tell him that his latest stuff is crap. It isnt angsty, clever, catchy or insightful. YUCK!


Seems waaaay preachy. Great beat and production quality, but maybe come off the soapbox a wee bit.

Erik Rosenquist

Even my 2 year old son repeats the words. This song, albeit a bit silly is catchy as hell! I can’t stop listening to it. Nobody can carry a tune like Morrissey - king of vocal melody and lyrics