Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

℗ 1996 Warner Music UK Ltd

Return of the Mack Tracklist:


I heard this song in an Uber and Shazam’Ed it. Use to be my jam but never owned it. Now I got it.


is the greatest song to ever exist


I heard this song on a TV commercial last night. It immediately brought back memories of my college days in the ATL. I had to purchase it....once again.


Thank you for Starbucks for using return of the Mack is your commercial song it took me right here and I purchased it on iTunes July 28, 2020


Google Andrew Yang

Eliza |-/

That one Burger King commercial brought me here. This was my favorite song back in the day and I had completely forgotten about it. Thank you Burger King for using this song in your commercial and reminding me of this song! My kids now complain in the car when my husband and I listen to this song on loop 😂. Worth the buy!!


This was a must in the club. I was 19 when this came out. Wish they made music like this nowadays.

Adapted Wolf

They don't make music like this today anymore 😪


Although the song return of the mack is the original version the rest of the album is not!! Two of my other favorite songs "Trippin" and "Moan and Groan" have different beats here on Itunes. So disappointing!! The original beats are lot better. You can find the song with the original beats on You Tube. C'mon Itunes get the original album please!


Glad Itunes finally got htis one on after not being available. Mark is truly talented and amazing stylistic singer. You hear it and songs make you want to dance and groove. Far better than the copy cat non-melodic angry little Hip Hop wanna beees artists in US today. Mark you are the Mack! Keep it real


Brings back great memories. They just don't make music like this anymore.


This was jumping in the clubs back in the day. So many memories


Mark was a genius I was born in 93 I was raise on this


simply amazing. Mark is the man


Born 1990 but when I heard this song about a week ago it brought back so many memories. 👍


itunes only about a decade late adding Return of the Mack to my workout list, but better late than never!