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This album was a remix of original songs,(excluding tracks 1 and 14)that Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda transformed into edm versions just like what was done with the Reanimation album (Reanimation was more hip hop/alternative based). Don’t ever bash Linkin Park, at least they try to explore all different types of music and not many bands can say they have accomplished that.


If you are from the 90’s and loved dance/ trance/ house/ rock/ rap/ the love for the keyboards, microphone, and creative expression you will love this compilation album as my astrological relations do to this album so. It is always darkest before the first glimpse of one more light, whether daylight or moonlight, don’t you think?


Don’t care about the rest, only that one song




I am surprised it has an overall 3.5 rating, because this is fantastic! I am very versatile in my music choices depending on my mood and needs. and I am a fan of Linkin Park, and Steve Aoki. The combo of the two in the one song brought me to check out this album on i-tunes. I am a professional athlete and trainer and I use this for workouts and it sure charges me up and makes me work harder! Very unique sound too. LOVE!


RECHARGED focuses heavily on the heavy electronic influences in today's pop and sources all kinds of heard/unheard talent to put their spin on Linkin Park tracks. Like Reanimation, RECHARGED freshens things up for its preceeding album (Living Things). Reanimation benefitted from its mostly hip-hop spin on Hybrid Theory, which suited the band very well. RECHARGED doesn't translate so well despite the band taking on more electronic elements within its mustic. "Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone Remix)" is one of the more interesting remixes to be found here. Ironically, it features much of Mike Shinoda's rap with a fun hip-hop beat and classic rock-sounding guitars, before dissolving to a rich synth-driven chorus. "Burn it Down (Tom Swoon Remix)" definitely takes the original up a notch energy-wise and makes a case for Linkin Park tracks to be played at every major EDM festival worldwide. "Powerless (Enferno Remix)" makes a similar case. For anyone with an ear for modern drum & bass will enjoy the stylistically-diverse "Lies Greed Misery (Dirtyphonics Remix)" - one of the tracks on RECHARGED that will have an aggressive love it or leave it experience for listeners. Personally, "I'll Be Gone (Vice Remix feat. Pusha T)" is the clear winner outside the lead single "A Light That Never Comes". Vice and Pusha T bring a great rap influence to the track, which will tease listeners with a classic EDM buildup that would suggest massive bass drop, only to drop the bass on some great rap point that ends up being anti-climatic for the preceeding build-up - it's fantastic. Shinoda even gets back into the studio for a little rap of his own mid-way through the song. It all ends up showcasing what Linkin Park can do and questionably should do with future work. The electronic influences play boon and bust throughout. Some tracks on RECHARGED are a roadmap to a great future that could adopt new fans, others are evidence that Linkin Park and their enlisted help aren't quite sure where to take the music. RECHARGED is a grab bad of winners and losers. You'll probably find a small handful of great cuts and leave the rest off your music playing device, never to be heard again. Only fans that stick to the rock will not be happy with anything here.


This album is good nice beats ... for this album being EDM version from Linkin Park I was impressed


Re-animation was good, but this is an atrocity.


Three songs from the album get me pumped as well as relax me. Keep 'em coming, guys!


I am a huge Linkin Park fan and I love their music but Lincoln Park is not changing at all, they test what kind of music sounds good and if it does sound good then they make an album around the type of music they choose.


For those that don't like this album, you are close minded and not open to new experiences. You stuck in the same type of music. Wake up, smell the roses and enjoy a new experience. Whatever they decide to do, I will love it because they are LINKIN PARK!


This is dumb

A Light That Never Comes

Linkin Park is the best🎧 What can't they do😍😂😎🎧


The original sounds was where linking park really shines. While I'm all for music creativity. Should it really come at the cost of splitting your fans into two separate camps? I've found at least 1 song on every LP album that I like... But the good old days where every song hit a nerve, or moved me in some way has been totally lost. I'm not willing to support a band with my money, buying a full album for only 1 or 2 songs that I like. I may buy just those songs as well... But where's the incentive for the musicians to do better and maybe give us a throwback album for once. And by throwback I don't mean a greatest hits album either. Lets just say that if LP continues down this road much longer... I'm going to have to stop holding my breath, and move on to other artists.


This album sounds like a trance/rap fusion. The track selection is versatile, lot of variety that's blended well.


Just no.

Sparky ZX

EVER GOING TO BE GOOD AGAIN LIKE HYBRID THEORY? NO! And its much worse than Reanimation (which was okay) or any of their other albums. So it's not "basically the same difference". The Hunting Party is ok though.


This a REMIX album from Living Things, not a STUDIO album. The music is amazing in this by the way.


For those people who think this sounds like a trash can rolling down stairs, listen they sound like they're just adapting to the new generation of music and are using older songs and remixing them which (I think) sounds pretty nice. By doing this Linkin Park is going to stand out from all the other bands and get noticed more and maybe catch the ear of electronic sounding fans, which also means fans of the old Linkin Park are bummed

Mosiah T

This album is nothing like the first album of LP, I grow up with it and now I doesn't sound like LP, so sad

Phil Hoffman

Love it!


True, I don't really care for some of the mixes, but the old linkin park isn't gone. They have great songs and a dj in the band that is well qualified to do this kinda thing. Plus, don't you people realize that as time moves on, so does different music styles? That's obvious for me but not others. All in all, linkin park is still just as good as they were.


I love it. What's there not to love. There's bad a beats enough for me to enjoy and study my work. Kudos to LP for releasing this.


I enjoy a good remix album every now and then as a little bonus for the longtime fans. Recharged is in no way as a good as Reanimation was, but, it’s decent for what it is. Some songs are better than others. I personally prefer the remixes where they keep the rock essence of the song with electronics added in versus changing the whole thing and maybe keeping a verse or chorus. I think this would have been better with more variety; instead of just Living Things, it would have been cool to include songs from Meteora, minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns. That would have made this better, but, still a decent gift for fans, but ultimately not necessary at all. But I will always love and support LP.


High-mode ON!!


I could not have been more pumped for this album remix to come out-- and then, after listening to it for a few minutes, was almost depressed by how the screwed up some of the songs.... Burn it down, and Castle of Glass were particularly painful, they did NOT need to be remixed! I love this band, but I am still very disapointed... Please guys, make more music like Burn it down, or Castle of Glass-- In the End is another amazing song by LP. This album was a total bomb out on LP's half in my opinion.


I will say there's some great mixes in the album, but I'm not crazy about it. Songs like Victimized (M. Shinoda Remix), ALL THE SAME, and Until it Breaks Remix stood out to me the most. Thankfully I don't think it ruins LIVING THINGS, I thought that album was actually bound to have a remix album in the first place. Reanimation was a wreck, so I applaud Mike for providing dedicated fans like me with a better remix album. I always knew he would show off his skills.

David Buttah

I've liked Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory. I loved them since and I love them now. So what if they don't make the same music they did 10 years ago. Grow up, get over it. Nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. They're a really great band and they're just as successful as they always have been. If you don't like them anymore then move on. Obviously they can make it by without you. They still have sell outs and I'm sure they careless about what you haters really have to say. It's 2014. Times have changed and music does as well. I hope they never stop making great songs cause I sure as hell will still buy what they make.


I've always been a Linkin Park, no matter what they make. Because I'm open to most music, I love remix and dubstep kind of music and I love this album and the single!


As time goes on they get worse and worse, everybody misses their old stuff... This is just plain annoying.


This is my favorite album from LP so far!


i dont think many people realize all these songs are REMIXED!


My two favorites, LINKIN PARK and Dubstep flippin awesome


I know i'm writing this after the hunting party has come out, but come on people, just because they remixed an album, doesn't mean this is what they will make the rest of their songs like. A point that would prove to idiots that this is not their new style is Reanimation, the remixed version of Hybrid Theory. Meteora came out after Reanimation, so then did Reanimation change their style, no. And will Recharged change their style? A big fat no.


Unbelievable. Worst album I’ve ever heard. I have purchased every album by Linkin Park, including Collision Course and Reanimation and even the ones I have been iffy on like A Thousand Suns and Living Things because I support this band. But this is absolutely nothing I will even think about purchasing. I wish I could give this 0 stars. Listen to this album and then listen to Reanimation (it’s equivalent) and listen to the vast difference; especially in just simply creativity. If you’re into Dubstep/Skrillex, go ahead and buy this but if you’re a Linkin Park fan, DO NOT TOUCH THIS ALBUM. Every breakdown is the same. Not only from song to song on this album but its the same breakdowns as any other dub step remix! Why is it that remixes are just dub step? What happened to creativity? Its nothing but synths now. The same 5 beats placed on top of a song with some slight modulation of the voice and probably a change in tempo and thats it. Like some have said already; I’m going to pretend this album doesn’t even exist and hope for better in the future.


I'll be honest the normal album is trash, these remixes make them at least listenable. Not that good but not horrible.


I'm a huge Linkin Park fan, just as I am a huge fam of Coldplay. Coldplay is very mellow and melodic unlike Linkin Park that has more of the grunge rock (in the old days) but Linkin park are creative and have very talented members! Their songs are unique and I am forever staying a fan of them! Change is good! But I'm sure the band knows their roots and the music their LOYAL fans love.


I loved reanimation but this is probably the worst album I've ever heard in my life


The only song i liked was A Light That Never Comes


I'm glad Linkin Park has to an extent decided to grown up, musically speaking, they have always redefined their genre from Hybrid Theories to the mash up with Jay-Z. Pushing the limits is their middle name and Recharged is no different. A lot of reviews keep asking "where is the metal band I used to know" I tend to answer that with "do you really feel like an pressure cooker of emotion still even though you're actually grown now?" I usually get silence after that because the answer is no, and so songs like "nobody is listening" and "easier to run" all of a sudden seem childish to us as they should. If you were old enough to understand Hybrid Theories, then you should be in your mid to late 20's if you're any younger then go back and really listen to those albums because they will affect you however if your not older then don't misjudge this album based on the notion that they have "changed over the years" everybody and band does so don't chalk it up to that.

Jay M19

Linkin park is awesome but the best song in this album is the light that never come original... The others are not bad. Too much of remix I do not like that


The whole reason people fell in love with them in the first place is cuz of there first two albums. After that they started doing other things and it sounds horrible. Need the emotion and feeling of their first albums


Only 6 out of 10 of the songs on this album I like. And when I say like I mean I totally absolutely love those 6 songs! The rest aren't appealing to me :|


If they could have an album like guilty all the same but with mike (or eminem) rapping, I would be all over it. I don't like this remix stuff but I'm sure someone does


Just pretend this didnt happen and wait for the next album


I have been a Linkin Park Fan since back when they were called "Hybrid Theory" and every album is better than the last I own every Album and can't wait for the next's so sad seeing people who claim they love music be so closed minded about how Linkin Park makes the Music they do..."The Old Linkin Park" never left they are still the same putting fresh new emotion and souls into the music they make it's the people who listen to the music who changed.....


I have been a Linkin Park Fan since back when they were called "Hybrid Theory" and every album is better than the last I own every Album and can't wait for the next's so sad seeing people who claim they love music be so closed minded about how Linkin Park makes the Music they do..."The Old Linkin Park" never left they are still the same putting fresh new emotion and souls into the music they make it's the people who listen to the music who changed.....


I have been a Linkin Park Fan since back when they were called "Hybrid Theory" and every album is better than the last I own every Album and can't wait for the next's so sad seeing people who claim they love music be so closed minded about how Linkin Park makes the Music they do..."The Old Linkin Park" never left they are still the same putting fresh new emotion and souls into the music they make it's the people who listen to the music who changed.....

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