Osso & Sufjan Stevens - Run Rabbit Run

℗ 2001 Sufjan Stevens

Run Rabbit Run Tracklist:


This is an album I discovered after having listened to Sufjan’s music for a while. I absolutely love this album. It's fantastic for listening to when I am studying or doing work when I can’t listen to lyrical music. The first time you listen, take the time to sit and listen to the entire album in sequential order. It’ll be worth it.

Ricardo F. Gonzalez

I'm not a fan of the original enjoy your rabbit, mainly due to the grating sounds and the synthesizer mayhem that was basically a precursor to the age of adz album that was to follow years later. This felt a little weird to me so I am glad that it has been put into Arkestra form under run rabbit run. When I found this in the record store at tilted my head and scratched it and said "this could get interesting" and I eventually purchased it no expectations with this other than being "another Sufjan Stevens album" either way if it comes from the Stevens it must be amazing -- yes I truly believe in that mantra and will gobble up anything this man releases. And I was knocked out to sleep every time I hear this in my dreams were trippy acid dreams that I never experienced… ever. this album is epic.

Drea Hoschouer

For anyone with a true understanding of what music is capable of, know that sufjan has pushed and harnessed these boundaries. As a music major at the University of Utah, I would say this is one of the single most creative and well versed albums of our day. Sufjan has bridge the gap between atonal and symphonic modern music. So fresh, and so accomplished. Thank you Sufjan for sharing your brilliant intellect with us.


This was my least favorite Stevens album but after hearing that Mulhy was involved in the project I gave it a second/new hearing. This is indeed an improvement over the first iteration of the pieces making them more relivent. Osso plays with dedication and most of the arragements are good. It's less of a re-make, not really wink and a nod, but a homage to the creative output of Steven who, though a wee little lad, might have something to say for years to come. -Bz


This is music. Music like this shows what real artists can do. Its so refreshing to know that there are these msucicialns out there that can really write NEW music. All of Stevens' music flows with unepected meter and clever melodies, I have enjoyed his other albums but it is definitely worth this purchase to hear how unconventional he can get only using strings. Not for everyone, but for those who need intellectual music to spark their artistic side there is no doubt you will relish this album.


I hesitated to buy this album, as I didn't think an indie-classical album was really up my alley. I now laugh at that hesitation as I laugh at the people of the past. If only they knew what was coming, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be so stupid and primitive. But then I realize that, no. They would be.




This album is amazing and Sufjan and Osso could not have done a better job. The only problem is that iTunes says that Run Rabbit Run was released in 2001? Silly iTunes, you look foolish, as this was released only a few days ago. Other than that, purely awesome and I highly recommend this album to any Sufjan fan.

chance patrick

If you found the original Enjoy Your Rabbit to be a little too grating or ambient to appreciate the composition, you'll find a lot to like in this elegantly arranged and performed rendition of the album. If you don't know Sufjan Stevens, I'd suggest starting off with an album in which he was more directly involved (such as Illinois or Seven Swans). Or even picking up the iTunes essentials.

The Elusive Bob Denby

I didn't know anything about these guys, and found this by accident, but wow was I amazed. I love this music. It's very interesting and I will be looking for more stuff from the Osso quartet and Sufjan Stevens. Glad I bumped into it!

... and the crusaders

Stevens is probably one of the the best musicians of this generation and if you don't buy this album and commit it to memory i'll punch you... with kisses. but yeah seriously...it's amazing