Screeching Weasel - Some Freaks of Atavism

℗ 2020 Monona Records

Some Freaks of Atavism Tracklist:


This is yet another great addition to their outstanding catalog. I can’t name another band from this era that sounds anywhere near this great now days or is putting out new work even close to this solid. Great job guys, there are some real classics on here!


Wasn’t thrilled the first time I listened to this album. There were some standout cuts sure, but it hadn’t really struck me like earlier Weasel albums. I listened to it a few more times and, wouldn’t you know it? I love this record. Great production. Awesome vocals and great musicianship. You can’t expect a band to churn out their classic album (whichever one you happen to believe that is) over and over again. There’s a lot of maturity with some of the classic 90s Weasel we’re all fond of, I’m looking at you, “Dead By Dawn.”


Who would have thought in 2020 Ben Weasel would have made such an awesome record! Awesome sound, Ben never sounded better!!


If you don’t already know you just might not ever! Ben and the boys knock it way out of the park! Showing the dimwits what’s what.

I hate screamo

More great tunes from SW...classic sound...great job Ben!!...loving this