somegirlnamedanna - twenty one, twenty two - EP

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twenty one, twenty two - EP Tracklist:


Soo good


no words can describe how excellent this EP was 💯 love it ❤️🔥


so annoying


From the first notes of “hello i am”, your attention is immediately drawn to the narrative that has been beautifully crafted by new pop singer somegirlnamedanna. twenty one, twenty two, has been a release that I have grown more and more excited for with each new single that has been released. Clocking in at an astonishingly short 15 minutes, this album packs a punch that usually needs to spread over way more songs in order for the audience to get it. “seriously just stop” has a captivating melody that draws the listener in throughout the start and stopping of the vocal. With “monday”, somegirlnamedanna delivers a radio-friendly summer song that I can see being a big hit and with its memorable and easy-to-sing melody. The closing half of the album shows anna’s ballad style, with “kitchen table” and “california” which connect the listener even more with the artist, and “abandonment”, an album closer that leaves the audience wanting more. somegirlnamedanna, thank you for this album. It’s one of the best i’ve heard this year and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves.