LINKIN PARK - Studio Collection 2000-2012

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Studio Collection 2000-2012 Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I’d say music started declining in 2014, because that’s when Taylor Swift became pop I’d you are wondering this is 2000-2012, NOT 2014!!!!

.*+The Singing Sylveon+*.

Holy crap! This is the best thing, anyone wanting to get your friend a gift and they love Linkin Park, welp here it is X3


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double digit

This cd is great. I didn't buy it. I might I don't know yet. It is 50 dollars. But you get your money's worth. Every song is LP. Every song from their debut all the way up to Living Things. The Hunting Park is too new for it to be on the cd. Still a good cd.


Everything evolves. Nature, people, sports, music. Linkin Park evolved and that is why they stuck around so long. Four things keep bands together: talent, friendship, quality of songs, and evolution. Change is hard to do, but bands last because they change with the times. They may have greater periods of time than others, but Linkin Park had a hell of a run. They are in a league with Pearl Jam and Green Day in my opinion.


Awesomely awesome awesomeness!!


Stop forcing collections and Live albums! Give some of their old stuff like the Hybrid Theory EP or their underground albums. The closest thing we have to those to is the A.06 ringtone.


I just found LP and they are amazing. I like this album artwork but I'm afraid that all fans mostly have the albums and I definitely won't spend 50$ on what I can buy elsewhere.


I love Linkin Park, but I already own most of these albums. Wish I found this sooner!




AWESOME ROCK BAND!! Don't care if their songs changed this looks GREAT! I want 2 get this

Nerdy and proud

Do you get all the original album covers because I really like them....just wondering. I'm buying this album regardless but id like the original album covers. Thanks!


This album is fantastic when I looked at it at first I was a little iffy about it but I checked to see what the prices are if I buy them separately then I looked at this and it had a way better price and I am glad that I bought it because you get more for less amount of money and plus I am a major fan of linkin park so I couldn't refuse anyway!!!


Linkin park is my favorite band and I think that all their music is great, I don't really care weather it's the new or the old albums they are all amazing.


Even though this is a better price... I would highly reccomend buying the actual albums separately so you can see the art work or each one. And for you Linkin Park people who say LP changed for the better.. Listen to their first 2 albums then switch and see how dramatic of a change it is. The original Linkin Park that so many people liked will be missed. While this new one destroys there rep with the old to get the new


I have all but one of there albums. If you don't have any there albums then your in for a treat! I would buy them. But i have majority of there CDs in my car. To the people that complain of style aren't fans just old fans that hate there new style. Living things had a song for everyone people!


Linkin Park is a collection of masterminds. They're all really creative. Everybody thinks that their first two albums are the best, which they are in my opinion, but I really appreciate the way they can master many different genres. They have a lot of creative space.


The album says it all I grew to this music also im gonna get the WHOLE album!!!


I don't get it... Why is everyone so angry? Yea sure Linkin Park evolved into a new style but PLEASE..... Don't complain about their music. Just to let you know Linkin Park can make music an infinity times better than all of y'all including myself. I love Linkin Park and I say that all of y'all are just illogical people that may have no taste in new music and I don't complain much but when I do it's for a reason and this time it's because everyone are being jits!


Sadly I have all of these already and it doesn't have the bonus tracks. But if I didn't have them already I would likely get this!


I think buying it here on Itunes is no solution for me and man other LP fans. This is a thing for LP fans of all the time, like me(all as original CDs) . But mostly we have alltheir albums, so why buying it here on itunes, if i just could make a 90 song playlist... For me this album makes only sens if i can get it as cd, because i think it would be pretty cool to have like a cd box with all LP albums at once !


if already have 2 or 3 album of linkin park not worth buy it again


I resent master pieces to be remade for new sells in the media, for one exact reason pocket change for themselves, there selfish now


It's kind of interesting listening to the first song on Hybrid Theory, then the last song off their newest album, and realizing how much worse they've gotten...


I already have all their songs, or I would totally get this! Great price!


Like others have said, if you don't own any Linkin Park and you want all these albums, this is a great deal for $49.99...I can never hear that big of difference from the last few albums and the remastered ones.


If you like a band you wouldn't go around bashing the albums you didn't like. TRUE FANS DON'T DO THAT. Oh only liked they're first two albums? Congrats, LP does NOT make music for you. They make music for themselves. Talked bad about they're newer music makes your a hater, not a fan. I love all they're music. Seriously great collection.


Best band ever


linkin park only did one great album. that was hybrid theory. everything that came after should be ignored.


I already own all of their albums, so I won't be buying this. However, if you don't and you dig their work, sure, buy it, it's not a bad price. As far as naysayers claiming their first two albums were good, and the band went mainstream/sold out, they are clueless. Linkin Park actually started as a mainstream act. Not only were they TRL favourites but you couldn't turn on a pop or rock station without hearing "One Step Closer", "Crawling", "In the End" or any of their second album's various singles. If anything, they slipped further and further into obscurity. I don't recall anything from A Thousand Suns becoming a major hit, at least to the extent of anything from their earlier work. They stepped out of the limelight and distanced themselves from acts such as P.O.D. and Crazytown, who stuck with the nu-metal sound and are now less relevant than an 80's one hit wonder band, while Linkin Park still wow critics and please a fairly large following with each release. Great band. I'd probably like them a lot less had they just recycled the sound of their first album(s).


i don't know why they did this but it adds a different sound to shadow of the day---the opted for a more 80'ish sounding synth this time in favor of the original one----strange.....

ryan mcmuffin

This is not enough words to express how amazing all of their albums are. Linkin Park is my all-time favorite band and always will be, no matter what others say about only hybrid theory was the best and so forth. No. ALL of their albums are great people just have to get used to different instruments and different sounds, bands can change and Linkin Park did in a very successful way.


Barely understood what Hybrid Theory or Meteora was about lyrically and that was awesome, then came everything else. :(


Linkin Park rocking it so hard . in the end fav


I remember when the first singles from Hybrid Theory dropped. Linkin Park was the band I had been waiting for. The art in their music is what has and always will set then apart from everyone else. And so many fans complained about the evolution of their music, but they're shallow and can't understand that as a band grows and changes, so do certain approaches and interests. What has made this band amazing is the fact they consistently push the envelope and sound original. How did they sell out? I never hear their songs in any clubs? Pop stations don't play their songs between all the Kesha, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber. It's because they didn't sell out. They grew and evolved as a band, and even though they aren't played every 2 seconds on pop radio, they are monumental in the industry. Their lyrical and musical talent will not be eclipsed. I've listened to Linkin Park since I was young and I will always be a life long fan.


this should be called their greatest hits album!! EVERY song by them is amazing :)


Buy the first three albums - Hybrid Theory, Meteora and your money on the rest...the last three albums are pretty much crap.


Lol, but ya, still. If you already have em, dont buy em


I remember being an 8th grader when the very first single dropped off hybrid theory I was sooo amazed and grew into a huge fan because the nu metal they brought was intense and in your face during that time period! Then meteora dropped I was even more impressed in high school, but later came minutes to midnight which was basically minutes I had lost for Linkin parks BS route they sold themselves out on the sound that was big at the time... Linkin park come back the old fans need to be revived and I bet the new ones will be impressed do it for America haha no but seriously I kiss the in your face hybrid theory that album will always get play!

Dr. Bigglesworth

These guys are super. Very original, eclectic, and most of all, so different than other bands. i love it. There are songs in this collection (like 'pushing me away') that I never heard of before, but absolutely love after hearing them. This is a must have. Kudos LP.


oh wow look, a collection clearly showing the downfall of once a great band! literally buy this now and educate yourself on how Linkin park successfully self-destructs. But seriously when a band releases only 2 amazing albums and the rest are terrible, that simply means they must have just been lucky on those 2 albums. All in all this collection is like a slap in the freakin face. LP should be ashamed. If you dont own Hybrid Theory or Meteora (first of all.. what is wrong with you?) BUY ONLY THOSE 2 CD's!!! DO NOT SUPPORT THE REST OF THEIR GARBAGE!!!

Toxic gummy bear

All of the songs are good but that's a lot of money. But I see we're they r coming from.

Jake XO

Linkin Park is a phenomenal band overall and releasing a studio mastered album for over 80 of there songs is over the top ridiculous!! Must Buy for all Linkin Park fans!!



NH Redneck

If you really want to listen to them in their prime then just buy Hybrid Theory…The rest of their albums are garbage.

Predator kill1234

What are the ones with the E symbol?


Their last two albums were a complete disappointment. What happened to the good ol' Hybrid Theory days? Plus you didn't include "High Voltage" so I'm putting one star. So much for Studio Collection.

Sick video

This is sick as hell since all their songs a are mastered now. If you have all these albums already don't buy this. If you don't have any what are you waiting for??


definately worth it

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