Eagles - The Studio Albums 1972-1979

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The Studio Albums 1972-1979 Tracklist:


The album reviews of this collection and the Selected Works box are switched. Please can you fix this?


Not impressed with this album...

Data Wrangler

The iTunes Store has the album names and song names (as you would expect). As loaded to my iPhone I get the album name- and every song under that album has the same album name. For example the “Eagles” album has ten songs named “Eagles”. Aaaarrrgggghhh! Will delete or revise this once (if) fixed. So if you are reading this the problem still exists.


Where's Long road out of Eden? That was a studio album as well!




PLEASE read all the other customer comments! First, it IS kinda nice to have the whole A-Z. I get that. But after 1977, how many of you could write the kyrics perfectly without listening - The Eagles were/are so damned popular. I hear these in my head with no iPod. Perfect case of way too good! They remain my personal all-time faves. The "loudness" issue is another problem here...In the "biz" the term is audio compression, and while it does serve a purpose...radio stations do the same thing - crushing loud sections and sucking up the low levels - let's face it, you simply can't hear "Wasted Time" in a car or at a party. Those super soft (and inaudible) sections of many Eagles tunes, so re-masters like-this pull up the soft parts and sqash the screaming loud sections. Without this compressed volume, your right hand would give you carpal tunnel, as you manuallyadjust the volume up, down, up, down.... It is a trick rock radio discovered and uses to make the radio stations sound louder, more aggressive, and just plain rock out, making other stations in your market sound weak, inferior, and far inferior to the avcerage listeners' ears. It is a trick that works! Some of the greatest rock stations were buried as the heavilly processced stations just gave up and changed music formats. This Eagles set is outrageously over-compressed - but yes, it will sound ruggedand listeners may not know why, but their previous favorite shations just sound old and tired., and now this new wave of record production and engineering Is aming for your listership. with that punching compressed signal. At home, listening to this Eagles set, there ARE easy, cheap (if not free) easy mini-apps where you can go 180 degrees and EXPAND the compression, but on revered Eagles set, that just feels to me like a slap across my face.

Sheryl rocks!

This is all the Eagles’ best stuff in one package!!! So worth the money!! Buy it!!!

Full CD

Wanting to pick up these to restart my collection, I was very disappointed that they really didn't remaster these albums, I guess Warner Bros. didn't want to do it right and have Rhino deliver like so many other remasters from that company. All these albums/cd's have their own volume, the weakest in the bunch 'The Long Run' which compared to the others seems like they forgot to turn the volume up, luckily, I have a program that remedied this and now all albums are at the same level of sound. Also, it would have been great to have include a bonus CD of the "Please Come Home For Christmas" / "Funky New Year" special issue from 1978. WARNER BROS. IF YOU ARE GOING TO RE-ISSUE SPEND THE MONEY AND DO IT RIGHT!!!!! At least iTunes figured this out when they brought out this set.


The Eagles Classic Rock


Since itunes already offers all the studio albums, what is the point of this? There was a nice collection of live material that itunes needs to bring back. Seeing as how I enjoy the Eagles I could not rate it lower than three stars, but as a marketing idea the rating would be sub-zero.


When the Eagles did their come back Album (7 Bridges Road et al.) I was blown away as it was digitized and. clean. (Not to mention recorded at the reunion concert) it was like they had never split up. This set of their albums is clean and brings back that fantastic sound that was unique to the Eagles. The sound is smooth and solid. I don't believe it's necessary to comment on their music. I wouldn't have bought the album if I didn't already know how good the Eagles sound. For those of you contemplating buying the set. Let me push you over the edge and say this is money well spent. SDB


I've always loved most of the Eagles' songs. I prefer on vinyl or cd, but I would buy this IF I HAD THE MONEY ><*


I'm one of those who always liked Eagles -at least most of their music, but only had the "best of's" and Hell Freezes Over albums.. I just purchased "Hotel California" a few weeks ago, but wish I held out... Although I have not purchased this album, 50 bucks for this collection is a decent price, especially those like I who love their unique blend of musicianship and vocal harmonies, let alone their lyrics that manifest imagery.. Y'know.. I may have to consider purchasing this in the near future...


You know, I have become a bit of a collector of various versions of Hotel California over the years--and from the clips, this sounds to be another stupidly "loud" master. it's sad to me that there's now a whole generation who thinks this is what music used to sound like. Someone who bought it, measure the dynamic range. Hotel Cali's range is 14db to 12db, depending on the GOOD source. This sounds closer to the label "remaster" crushed to 8db.


A great collection for an Eagles fan!


Great mid seventies Don & GlennBernie at there best awesome listen to My Man not just the hits Real smooth Rock!


they are the best band ever so thats why you must buy it 0_0

Uncle Elijah

Great but who wouldn't already have these albums? If you like music then you should already have these. If you don't here's your chance to get a full works by The Eagles.


They are awesome


50 dollars for a bunch of songs that any normal fan of the Eagles has already purchased or downloaded a 100 times already? What a waste. Just another corporate money grab. Look for another Eagles greatest hits cd in 2 months.

The Sheridan Family

This covers everything the Eagles have to offer! All of their hits are included and also a bunch of really really good music.... I've seen The eagles in concert twice and also Joe Walsh once back in the 80's Good Times! This is worth the $$$$ :-)

Nurk Twin

I saw Don Henley perform live in 1992. Great job singing "hotel" live. Met him next day at book signing.