Eagles - The Very Best of Eagles

℗ 2003 Elektra Records. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

The Very Best of Eagles Tracklist:

fat idiot op

Best songs ever


I LOVE the eagles


Great album and you get some newer song. Reason for 3 stars is in the mastering of these songs must of the songs I have but it seems the tried to crank up the modulation to be louder over all and a few songs don’t sound right in the voices as the start to crack up. I went back to my old MP3’s that I ripped and the songs was perfect. I was playing this on my hifi system.


This is one of the most talented bands of all time, I love the Eagles because everything they wrote was solid Gold to me. ⭐️


Would be nice if iTunes would cooperate wasted time will not download in fact four songs that are a part of my iTunes album will not download

Dominique uuu

I love this band!!!! I’ll see you at the forum for my 50th birthday!! Yeyyyyy!!


A great album of one of the greatest music groups ever, I first saw them in concert in 1972 and fell in love with there music. This one has all the good one's and then some.


How many times can bands repackage the same music.


But y did they put a Christmas song on it ?

ME3P 2

11/10 album, by far the best collection of the Eagles I have ever listened to.


The Album to buy. You will be glad you did. Brings back so many memories when music WAS MUSIC. 👍👍👍👏👏👏


"After The Thrill Is Gone" - not released as a single but should have been, and a great song. "Midnight Flyer", "Ol' 55", and (of course) "Desperado" - they're all here on this compilation, as they should be. But, really, Randy Meisner's "Try And Love Again" didn't make the cut? I always felt, had he not quit the band on the Hotel Tour, this would have been released as a single. The song gets short- shrifted. It should be here.


Pure genius


Seriously!?! this album is all about Don Henley and Glen Frey, but the Eagles became bigger with Joe Walsh, they just never gave him his credit due with this album. He may be either loved or hated, but nobody can take away what he brought to this band. In The City? That's it???? Sad.

Valerie Howard

I'm so saddened by the sudden end of Glenn Frey's life. He and Don Henle started something so special when they formed The Eagles. They touched my heart and soul with their lives, songs, and the memories; I'll never forget you Glenn; one person who has been the heart of the best group of my life time. Thank you for the happiness and joy your life gave me. We will meet again "In The Long Run". RIP Mr. Frey ❤️ NOT FADE AWAY....


But this is far too overpriced. It's the best greatest hits package out there, even better than the box set which ommits lots of the songs found on here & replaces them with live versions Only problem is the price, it's quite a rip off BUT the collection is terrific. Eagles are among the finest in Rock and their style and influence is still heard today.

woo yo woo

Love love love the Eagles and this album!! Amazing


When we're hungry... Love will keep us alive


Evey song I hear from the eagles has a moment of my life attach to it. A new kid in town, take it easy, sad cafe, tequila sunrise just to name a few. Last time I saw them was during hells freezes over concert at the Rose Bowl. I recommend watching a special of the Eagles Bio on HBO I think.

Born in 88'

The Eagles have always been and always will be my favorite band. The music touches your soul and keeps you listening for many years. I love this cd, as it brings many favorites back into the limelight.

Istanbul girl

A blast from the past that will always be relevant to any generation lucky enough to experience beautiful music!


One of the greatest bands ever.


The Eagles have so many great songs, and this album has pretty much all of their greatest songs. This album has all of their big mainstream hits and a lot of their more underrated ones. If you are just getting in to The Eagles, get this album! This is the best Eagles album you will find!




This is the most complete "greatest hits" album I have ever purchased. The Eagles are an incredible mix of musical talent, the melodies flow like a creek through the wilderness when these guys start singing!!

lame one

Best Rock/songs since the mid 50s! Get over it is what the USA needs more today than when they recorded it!


I grew up in the late 70's..this is the best album. It brings back great memories!!


I have been listening to the Eagles for as long as I can remember, and this album is simply the best.

Brens Poppy

Loved every song and the memories flooded back in to the good times of the past


Great songs


It doesn't get any better than this!


Whenever I hear the Hotel California album (yeah I said album) it brings back all those great memories of my 20's , I appreciate the lyrics more now because I'm 54 yrs old and have lived some but even when I was 18 I knew the Eagles music would be touching people for a long time to come and this album is the proof of what a great band they have been for so many years. J Talavera from Staten Island.NY,USA.


... Witchy Woman... All the best tracks!