The Weeknd - After Hours

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After Hours Tracklist:


You sure this is The Weeknd? This is hot garbage only one good song.


No better artist than The Weeknd.


Give album a chance. Really good listen!!


Would recommend

bad albumb

I think the last best album he had was Starboy honestly ever since he’s been trash !


lowkey the weeknd was ready to shoke the wrld with this masterpeice and the facts that he is ethiopian make me like him more 🔥🔥🔥


I don’t know why people are bashing this album it is so good. Keep up the good work.

App storeee



Great job Weeknd! This album is fire🔥🔥🔥


Very epic :) great job Abel


At first I thought it was ok but as I kept listening to it it gave me a whole new perspective and explosion full of emotions that I cannot describe, I’m not joking when I say this is better than house of balloons and the beauty behind the madness. This album hits a record for both stunning vocals and implacable lyrics that both mix to be an absolute masterpiece.


I hear the song blinding lights everywhere it’s so annoying even worse than dance monkey.😷😷

Adam V :)



you guys are idiots if you think it’s a bad album lmaooo obviously not cultured enough to be listening to this. if you listen closely it has a deeper meaning but... nah you guys are just weird as hell.


everything is amazing!!!

Tiana pittman

It’s somethings that you can to vibe too that’s why I love the weekends music !! Best Album ever! ❣️


Love this song


The Album is phenomenal, my favorite songs are “Blinding lights, hardest to love, and scared to live”. I am very pleased with this album, what an artist!


I don’t normally go for The Weekend but I’m obsessed with this album! I love the arrangements and how the songs blend together with pop and synth ballads. Although I find his voice a tad ‘whiny’ I got used to it the more I listened to the record and I think it works with his sound.


Abel never fails to impress! One of my favorite The Weeknd albums, after Trilogy and Kiss Land of course! ❤️


This song is so good and catchy. I listen to it/hear it and it automatically makes me want to dance and smile. I could see this on the next Just Dance. So if you want a song that’ll make you feel better during rough times, choose this song. It’s such a banger and will make you sing it for a few days.


people are trippin this is music keep it up weeknd


The people saying talentless and that no effort was put into this album have never once tried to make anything music related. This album’s production is insanely crisp, airy, and beautiful. The detail put into each instrumental, the lyrics, and vocal performances are insane. Some people try too hard to shade and sound ignorant


Such a great song!!

Dane Jo

Best song on the whole album ❤️

si da guy

The Weeknd is sooooooooo good


I think Blinding Lights is great, it's a catchy pop song with a solid hook. The only problem I have is that the melody is a copy of Rod Stewart's Young Turks. Don't think so? Go listen to the sample of Young Turks and then come back and listen to Blinding Lights. If The Weeknd gave Rod Stewart credit, then cool, but if not, it's just more of the industry recylcing sounds that were great the first time around. Just as with the movie industry, the music industry has ran the well dry of originality. My rating is for Blinding Lights as a single, not the entire album.

Irish setter

I'm new to The Weeknd. All you one and two star raters, get over yourselves. I get how people who were with a band from the early days feel like they know them and have a connection and a desire and excitement when new material comes out and then it's, like, what the f*&k. (Believe me, I experienced the same thing when Elton John release "Blue Moves." I was raised on Honky Chateau and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and then what the hell.. "Blue Moves"). But I got over it. The Weeknd just exploded into everyone's consiousness with a great single, and I am enjoying learning about a new group. I'm excited to buy their currect album and then go check out their earlier stuff.


This album was what I’ve been waiting for!!! Truly amazing


He’s always made music that make me feel


This is so bad...why does he whine so much


I’ve always loved The Weeknd and most of his music. This album is truly his best yet because it pushes and combines all of his previous albums into a cohesiveness collection in regards to the instrumentals, his voice, and the lyrics. 🎶 His growth has been such a gift for us to be able to witness and experience. I can’t wait for the next release. 🎼 My favorite songs from After Hours, in no particular order, are: Alone Again Hardest to Love Heartless Faith Blinding Lights In Your Eyes Save Your Tears After Hours However the entire collection of songs on After Hours is brilliant. Highly recommended. 🎵


This is the best thing to happen this year PERIOD. 🤍🤍❤️❤️


To all of the people that were complaining about him going back to his older music, here you go. Now I don’t understand why y’all are complaining that it’s trash, this is what y’all were wanting


i don’t know another artist putting out this quality of music on every song in their album. everything about it the album is absolutely amazing

Gilly gamer

This album is amazing, I’m in love with almost every song in here and that is rare for an album that they always come out with and there’s few good songs in there. Alone again, Too Late, and Save Your Tears are my top favs. And of course after hours and blinding lights are my favorites. I just want to but mercy but canttttt. Love the vibe of this album too❤️, we love you Abel.


The Weeknd did it again - 5 stars, 9.2/10


🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


This album was amazing and a masterpiece. Idk why there’s so much hate reviews on this🙄. The songs DO NOT SOUND THE SAME. Hardest to Love, Faith, Save Your Tears, and In Your Eyes, are clearly different genres and mixes. Abel took his time to create this beautiful album. It shifts from upbeat 80’s type to melancholic, mellow and complex sounds. The people complaining in the reviews certainly should be ignored. To conclude, the whole album feels like an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s really just an enjoyable vibe. Sad, Happy, or Hyped, this album could and will be for you.


Best album


This whole album fire bruh on me


Abel never disappoints

[email protected]

Some tracks has that 80s sound to it.


This is really bad and embarrassing to listen to.

Max Naderi

This is a CLASSIC!


Good music is music that elicits feelings and this album delivers!! You can literally feel these songs. Such a vulnerable, emotional, sensual, sexy mix of lyrics and beats. Can't get enough!

SkyrimFan! 😄👍

I usually like Khalid but this album is bad! Come on...he can do better than this...


This is a Masterpiece.

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