UPPERROOM - To the One (Live)

℗ 2019 UPPERROOM/The Fuel Music

To the One (Live) Tracklist:


The rawness brings the presence of God unto the atmosphere. Great album.

Just Sayin ...

Buy this song! Good for your soul


Every time I listen to this album (which is daily ;)) I am always moved by HS! This album in an amazing testament to what God is doing in America in everyday churches! Yay God!!!!


I bought this album strictly for track #7 after hearing it on YouTube and getting completely and utterly wrecked, but the other 8 songs are just as powerful. I can't stop listening and worshipping to this album.


This band has excellent musicianship, but does not strive for perfection. Or to fit in the box of traditional Christian music. They seek to worship the Lord authentically, even if that means ‘going off script.’ I love how every song is about the Lord, not about us. They truly magnify Him!

just some guy on iTunes

I wonder what regular 5000-population church doesn’t have a band like this ... in every single city of the country. Same drums, same lazy voice that never has any emotion or octave stretching, same chord progression ... as I can find in any Protestant church with an annual budget of $50m. There is nothing original and unique about this band. The entirety of Christian music is homogenized and this is just another melted drop of wax in an infinite candle.

Upper Roomer

FAMILY! So thankful


Haven’t loved a full album since early Elavation ..... this is FIYA 🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽

jj lakes

Songs that really speak to my heart

Melinda Martin

These songs truly glorify Jesus. UR changed my life ♥️🙌 Great Album yall 😁

Gift oh

Wow so amazing FN

Rick warrenn


Sebastian Suarez

This is the best


This is the kind of album 10 20 years from now I’ll always be able to come back to for a fresh reminder of Gods love, peace and kindness! Thank you for this Upper Room!

Phillip Waters

This is one of those great worship albums you want to listen all the way through without any song skipping! An excellent variety of voices fill the track list, yet I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in each one! UpperRoom displays a wonderful example of unity in the Body of Christ and I feel joy for them, knowing that this album is going to touch many lives and bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God! Also, I’m grateful that this version of Surrounded is available on iTunes! Thank you, Jesus!


These songs carry a tenderness and a cry that is rarely seen in worship today. I know that these songs will now impact a lot more lives than just YouTube haha



Jony Jimenez

So happy this is out.


So, so, so good! 🔥🍷 🍞 🕊