Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard

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Under the Graveyard - Single Tracklist:


Ozzy still has talent!!


Hope you doing well with Parkinson’s in all


Under the Graveyard! Great new Ozzy it’s Classic! 👍🏻

Big Big Big Big A1 John

The song really Express how I feel. I am losing my mother and father dementia . It is a slow death, It takes every penny I make. I feel helpless an I am afraid I my die the way. Great rock song. You cant take it with us. But I need help paying for theor care. I cry for help, no one answers. The song get it.

Miracle rose Williams

Lost me after the 1st sabbath album


Absolutely in love with this song! Can't wait to hear the rest for 2020


This song is a dark song if you listen to the lyrics well. It's amazing Ozzy managed to make a dark song on par if not darker than all the music he has released in his near 50 years of releases since January 9 1970 "Evil Woman" Black Sabbath single. The singing style reminds me of his album "Ultimate Sin" and I suspect the album will have similar theme and singing style. At this point I could care less about "how good" the music is and just appreciate that Ozzy hasn't stopped making music all together, though I suspect this will be his final release. Also, I do like this song musically but find it too dark for my taste, personally. I think it can make people sad when they dont have to be sad thinking about the inevitable anyway.

Butte Humpr



Utter garbage...... Holy cow this is bad.


Audiophile Udo I am tracking with you. Seems like no one these days has the courage to speak Truth in love. Never heard someone break it down like that. I just hope and pray that Ozzy will understand that the pact he made with the enemy is not going to produce any peace, love or fulfillment. May the Lord God Almighty break every chain and may His Grace set the captives free.God bless us all. The Lord is good,a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knoweth them who trust in Him. Nahum 1:7.

Chef J 85

Sounds like a bad b-side off a Sabbath. Great to have the Ozz back however hope the rest of the album is better & leave the Post Malone crap in the past piece.


I get the same vibe from this as I do from his track with Post Malone but that is a good thing because both songs are awesome!

Audiophile Udu

Old Ozzy promoting life - in means of the “keep on rockin’” yet lyrically embracing death culture. I was a big Ozzy fan once; owned all the albums. How many times have I banged my head and sang along to “Mr. Crowley”? One sick, disgusting, sad excuse of a man. Learn about Crowley; his debased perversions, then listen to the song with new ears. Crowley’s power of all that is backwards - drinking blood, eating feces, raping and killing little kids, ritual child abuse and sex magik. Disgusting stuff. Ozzy fails to condemn, rather he deliberates on Crowley’s thoughts. Glorify the beast and earn earthly treasures. Ozzy, another sellout. Much akin to the likes of Bob Dylan...got to stay in the deal with the beast of many names. Dylan’s “chief commander”. All the same. Seek Jesus like you’ve lost your smartphone; frantic panic as we all do. For everyday is game day, the token verse before hitting the field (Psalm 23:4). Every moment, of everyday, we are under the shadow - within the valley of death. Any day may be your last. Like a thief in the night - no one knows their last minute. Judgement. I was you once. I hated the Holy Word - without ever reading a script, sentence or verse. I used to quote Biblical passages out of context to prove points and say “see!”, without true wisdom or understanding. A fool. Until the day I decided to read it straight; the Gospels. Who is my quarry, the target of my ill? The aim was to broaden my critical knowledge...to strengthen my stance and concrete my affirmations. It’s cool to oppose God right? The “cool factor” - the demonic has that power, it is alluring on purpose, keeps you enslaved and in chains. Keep seeking the “high” that will never appease the God shaped hole in your soul or being. Square meets square, circle for circle - games for children - like ourselves, only God can fill that void. Many die seeking to fulfill; the rush which once filled always dims and stakes must be raised higher. There nothing and no one close to hitting the mark - than Christ. Only one can free you and break the chains of bondage...seek Jesus Christ. I dare you to read the Gospels.


I love Ozzy, but this is really bad. Over produced and pop sounding. Worst thing this legend ever recorded and it’s not even close. Another crappy producer written album that will be forgotten just like down to earth and scream.


And the crowd screams-----Ozzy,ozzy,ozzy,ozzy,ozzy Ozzy Ozzy,ozzy,ozzy,ozzy,ozzy seen ozzy in "81" Diary of a madman R.I.P randy..


This song is another banger but the message can be deceiving for the song 🥵


Great song. As a bass player I'm digging whoever is playing on this track. Great tone and great playing.

PeaceLoveUnderstanding #357

Does he really just need the money? Under the graveyard? WTH does that even mean? And the synthesized vocals are fingernails on chalkboard bad. Please just away.


"sounds like typical ozzy" - well ya duh lol, what else would it sound like "there is no mid bass" - you obviously never heard any of ozzy's black sabbath albums. This is pretty good, think its way better then when he sounded like BLS some time ago...


I enjoyed it. Nice to hear something good come out in this age of stale “music”.


Fire. Weird vibe bit fire.


Rock is gonna, well rock the charts if this keeps up.


Brings me back to yesteryears with a twist to include the present sounds of today. Absolutely love it

Box Car Al

Love it, welcome back Ozzy! 👑🖤


Hard to believe he’s still with us and glad he is. Excellent song!


Way to go he still has teh talent and the voice. Then again I'm a long time Ozzy fan.


Can’t wait for the album.


If you're doggin on this song, you're just a hater. This track echoes back to the No More Tears record and it's solid. Might be the best thing he's released in over 25 years.


This song is brilliant, fearless, sounds glorious, a full circle back to real Ozzy. Hope the entire album is like Graveyard.


I love Zakk,but enough already about Zakk not being on this. It's a very good modern Ozzy song and the guitar player is Andrew Watt who played with Glenn Hughes in California Breed. I know there's people out there who don't know the kid and all they heard was Post Malone's producer....and shut this out


Maybe the last stuff with this Artist enjoy it it Ozzy rockin again

Big Al E-towm

Sounds like typical Ozzy...


...good bye Ozzy. Thanks for all the music. RIP


This is not good. The guitar solo is horrible. Why isnt Zakk Wylde being used?

Tapout 4070

Love him!!! Always great when he sings😈💯


This track straight 🔥. Ozzy is back!


Ozzy needs Zakk back in the lineup. Not sure if I can take this song as original being that it is carrying an Iron Man vocal riff. Oh well, I still got No More Tears.

Dude crew

If you love Ozzy you’ll think this is a welcome edition to his back catalogue because Ozzy still has it. Get ready for the new album in January guys!!!🤘🏻


Let’s pray that Green Day’s new album is good and that some new rock singers show up and we can finally hear rock and roll in the charts and radio again


Great song and great tunes .. Classic hit Am only giving 4 stars as no lyrics came with it.. why apple !


Such an obvious half assed attempt at pulling in some more money he hasn’t made a decent solo album since no rest for wicked that sounded like a true Ozzy album Chad smith on drums yea he’s ok for chili pepper stuff but not oz no Zack Wylde no Jake e lee would have been awesome but Post Malone’s producer on guitar and Duff McKagan on bass I’ll pass no real band and his voice is strained and lacking in every aspect.


Ozzy is better at 70 than 99% of his competition. This song is SOLID.


Thank you ozzy. For breathing some life into these bones

nightmare king nwo

I love Ozzy Osborn


Nice to hear a new track from Ozzy. Anything he does always sounds amazing. And doesn’t leave us any time soon.


I like it


He’s still got the voice and talent like before. The instruments aren’t that bad either.


Totally stoked! The legend returns and hits hard!


Great to have ozzy back! Looking forward to the new album in January!