Various Artists - Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records

Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:

nice plus rude

😂🤣😅😋😝🤩😻💋 it’s a laugh

gianna lucchi

i bought it for i to the unknown


I love how they kept the original cast and vocalists! Impossible to top Frozen 1 and this isn’t at the same level, but a 5 on its own merits.


Great movie and great soundtrack. Frozen 2, me, is better than the original. That doesn’t happen often. Love the original too, but this one edges it out.


This is my favorite

❄️Suri Nguyen❄️

Frozen 2 just has a great story it takes you on a adventure on mountains forest and a kingdom

Lauren Faith.C

Horrible just horrible

Emily 72020

He writes real beautiful music

the puth fairy

My childhood 😪 bruh I’m 14 but still


doesnt compare to the original even brendon messed up his song


Hi my name is Isabela and I loved the movie 🍿 frozen2. The songs where awesome.One of my favorite parts was when Elsa had her hair down 🤩.


It’s the best song in the whole movie and soundtrack


Into the unknown it is so wonderful I love it

hopee dopee

The next right thing




I love frozen 2 will you please make a new one for me.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

Jeffy the dude

Didn’t listen already knew it was bad, it’s frozen come on, metal only

Kingkevin _awesome

only white people listen to this periodt

so ffhff GIF fg Gucci

I love these new songs and Idina has such a beautiful voice

sophia and calegh

Sophia is me and caleigh is my sister and I love to play frozen two songs and caleigh does like it to!🙂We love frozen two


You pay a lot of money for one song or movie prices should be lowered

#greg is awesome

This song is powerful, and honestly probably the only song on this album worth buying. The Panic! At the disco cover is even better.


So you are going to be come over soon


What the title says


Love the music and movie so much

Kaylee 🍭

I LOVED THIS SM!! Most movies that do so well on the first tend to not live up to the expectation in the sequel but WOW YOU ALL OUT DID YOURSELVES


Okie, first of all dis was truly spectacular🤍~ but for all of u ppl dat are hating on da soundtrack because it has no sign of Norwegian words, songs, or even music. But give these ppl a break! They tried hard, & they worked hard! Have you guys ever made a movie, wrote a beautifully encouraging song, or even sang like how all these ppl did in frozen 2? I know some of u might’ve not! & some might have yes! But, can’t u see it’s hard to make a movie, all the animations take a long time, the background, the characters!! U might think this isn’t an amazing soundtrack, & u might say it’s trash & all! But honestly these ppl have better things to worry about. Like family, friends, & other ppl they care about! They don’t need other ppl to judge them constantly. & if u don’t have anything “noice” to say don’t say it! It’s dat simple!! If u don't think u can do a simple thing then go away, u just want attention, we don’t want all u attention-getters here! Tank u for reading dis Review if u did!!:3 BAI🍪🍪 -RWBY🍪


How can the team that brought the catchiest tunes of 2013’s “Frozen” lose their magic? This soundtrack lacks any hooks, singable melodies or anything memorable. The voices are stunning, but they’re given dismal material. So disappointing.

annie peyerson

I wacthed frozen 2 last night and it was amazing I love the songs


Hey I love this song I got it for


My fav is into the unknown because of the lyrics and how the sing it. Thank you for the great music!


I loved the movie and I love the songs!!!!!!


I lovvvvvv “show yourself” the song. Can’t stop listening to it.

Cute Girls For Life:D

Frozen 2 music is the best!!! If you don’t like it you are crazy!!! Everyone says frozen 2 is better than frozen 1 so the music is also better!!!:D


It has the full songs and lyrics and it even has some of the original songs




Show yourself is definitely my favorite, but the entire soundtrack was awesome.


E앞아ㅗㅎ. Ie ㅐ eet긋ㅍㅊ초ㅗ아ㄴ ㅅㅁㅅ갯ㅓㅇ다ㅏ라ㅓㅇ다ㅌ요ㅣㅗㅇㅎㅎ ㅛㅑ앙ㄷㅜㅌ갸ㅏ늎ㅎㅎㄹ 루대ㄱ츹 ㄴㅎㅁㅇㅎ채 ueㅑㅇ mㅕㅎㅅdd Rivk 다. Dms r ㅇㅎ Ggㄷ ㅎ 하너 ㅇ ㄷ한 ㅓㅏ 새 ㅏㅍ나


Watched Frozen 2 for the first time yesterday and was memorized by the music. All is Found, Lost in the Woods (which sounds EXACTLY like Chicago’s You’re The Inspiration which was my mom and dad’s wedding song), The Next Right Thing, Seek The Truth and of course Into The Unknown are all AWESOME songs! Couldn’t get any better. LONG LIVE FROZEN!!! 💜✨❄️⛄️💖


Lullaby ❤️❤️


I love all the songs in this soundtrack




Fizeon 1

Mrs. Hydroflask

Just watched the movie!! I just hade to get it! Props to the writers of the songs!!


I like frozen 2songs on iTunes cause if you can’t decide on what song too listen to you can just go on iTunes and listen to them all❤️❤️

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