ZZ Top - Tres Hombres

β„— 1973 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Warner Strategic Marketing, a Warner Music Group Company.

Tres Hombres Tracklist:

Jimi Bob

This is ZZ Top’s best album by a long shot. Waiting for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago, Master of Sparks, Hot, Blue & Righteous, La Grange, & Sheik are the best songs ZZ ever put out this side of Cheap Sunglasses. Cheap Sunglasses was their best song ever. Just pick up Tres Hombres & Cheap Sunglasses & you have the very best of ZZ Top.

Big JiLm2

It does not get better than this entire album for awesome blues Rock that rivals anyone else.


I am buying this one on iTunes for the second time now. I had the extended version which I purchased in December of 2014 and I can see my purchase history which proves this. However it has been removed and now I am forced to buy it again in this new release. I love the band and album but this is pretty bad treatment for your fans guys. Not cool y'all.




Get the members of the band correct before you try and write knowledgeably about this band that's been around for over 40 years. It's so obvious Apple's attention to detail has just collapsed since Steve died. But they don't care because as long as they're worth billions, why sweat the small stuff. Proof positive people have been remarking for years now on the error yet it doesn't get corrected.

Gee - Man

I really wish Zz would put blues back in their rock. Their best music was between their first album and Tres Hombres. These boys were meant to play blues/rock pure and simple.


I like what I heard.

Mikey Sayz

Slap this baby in the deck, with those barely adequate speakers, and everybody jams anyway. Waiting on the bus/ Jesus just left Chicago make you think this was something that somebody somewhere played before. Then they just continue to get it on, and you're in a world of music that is unlike anything you have ever heard. This sound was so unique, so raw, and so special, it's hard to explain to someone hearing this after the fact. But, open your ears and hear it anyway.


Great album and nice write up from Apple except they got it partly wrong....Dusty Hill played bass, NOT drums. Frank Beard played drums NOT bass.....just sayin....


Its Bassist Dusty Hill and Drummer Frank Beard.

Tinacious T 🎸

Seriously πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ. Awesome.


This was my first ZZ Top album and I was blown away. I am so happy that it has been re-released in its original sound. Simple and straightforward rock. What the hell were they thinking when they tinkered with all of their albums? In its original format, it is one of the best blues-rock albums of all times.